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How to Keep Your Computer Keyboard Clean

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
How to Keep Your Computer Keyboard Clean

One of the most important parts of maintaining a computer is to know, how to keep your computer keyboard clean? No matter how much we prevent our keyboards from getting dirty, some chunks of dirt land inevitably in the gaps and crevices. This not only gives a very unsightly look but also hampers the working of the keyboard. 

However, if you follow the right tips and look around for tools inside your home, you can clean it efficiently. A deep cleanse with the appropriate cleaning supplies can help you scrub your keyboard inside out. 

Steps on How to Keep Your Computer Keyboard Clean?

Step One: Turn it Upside Down

One of the most obvious steps is turning your keyboard upside down and tapping on the underside to get rid of all the easily removable junk.

For this, unplug your keyboard and hold it onto a surface where you want to collect the dirt and start tapping at different angles to get the loose stuff out. Moreover, if you have a keyboard with removable key caps, remove them and then shake the keyboard for efficient removal. 

Step Two: Use a Brush

There are many cleaning kits available in the market to clean your dirty keyboards. However, one of the best tools is a nylon cleaning brush or simply a discarded standard toothbrush that can help you effectively remove the stubborn dust from in between the keys. 

Step Three: Use Canned Air 

Canned air is essential to blow out the dust without a lot of effort. By blowing the air you can eliminate the dust which gets stuck under the keys. However, you need to be careful while doing this so that the dust doesn’t splatter all across the place.

Remove the key caps to force out the dust and repeat step one again so that the pieces which were left before come out now easily. 

Step Four: Use Cleaning Gum

Cleaning gum with a strong adhesive picks up dust by easily reaching the smallest cracks. It can suction crumbles and other small bits and pieces of food. You can also reuse the blob until it turns gray. 

Step Five: Wash Key caps 

Mechanical keyboards with removable key caps are simple to clean. Before removing the key caps, take a picture so that you know which one to place where when you are done with the cleaning.

To clean the keycaps, soak them in a container full of soapy water. Then, scrub them with a small piece of cloth after soaking them for a long time. You can let them air dry as you do not want any water to go into your keyboard. 

Only wipe the non-conductive parts whenever you are cleaning your keyboard or mouse so that you don’t get any water in the switches or the circuits. 


Cleaning a keyboard is fairly easy if you know all the right steps. You can look for substitutes for some cleaning tools and wipe your keyboard routinely for a clean and shiny appearance. Many tools are easily available inside our homes. Maintaining your computer peripherals is essential for its smooth functioning. We hope our blog will help you clean your keyboard efficiently. In case you are facing issues with a locked keyboard, we have a blog for that too.

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