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How to Unlock a Keyboard that is Locked

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
How to Unlock a Keyboard that is Locked

Keyboards can be a nuisance to us, if it gets locked, leaving us out of control to do anything about it. But there are a few ways to unlock a keyboard, and that is what we are going to see here today. Many problems can lock your keyboard or freeze it, disabling all its other functions.

Keyboards can freeze either due to accidentally pressing a key combination or if your keyboard is not properly connected to the system. There are some other reasons also sometimes, which we shall discuss below. Connection issues majorly arise with wireless variants as they use Bluetooth technology to connect. Regardless, since a locked keyboard isn't of any use, let us look at the quick ways of unlocking a keyboard.

How to Unlock a Keyboard That is Locked?

Although fixing your keyboard depends completely on the problem, these troubleshooting ways should help you start a locked keyboard easily. So, read through each step to get your keyboard active again.

Reboot the Computer

Restarting or rebooting your computer is one of the simplest fixes of all. A simple restart function can clear all anomalies and can unlock a locked keyboard. This step is though helpful if you are having some issues with a program or application. Thus, restarting the computer can close that program and unlock your keyboard easily.

Turn off Filter Keys

The Windows contain certain filter keys that slow down the repeat rate of the keyboard. These keys can become enable or disable when we press the Shift key on the right for 8 seconds. Once the keys enable or disable, a beep and a brief message appear on the screen telling you about its status. So, if your keyboard becomes abruptly locked, try disabling the Filter keys to get its functionality back.

Pair your keyboard with Another Computer

This is a very smart and quick way of knowing and identifying the problem. Pairing the keyboard with another computer either through the USB cable or the Bluetooth feature. If the keyboard functions well with the other computer, then the problem lies with the machine and not the keyboard. Troubleshooting the problem in the device manager to see if the computer recognizes the keyboard is a good way of checking the keyboard's response.

Replace the Batteries

Replacing the batteries of a wireless keyboard also helps to unlock a locked keyboard. But what people cannot understand is that even new batteries can fail and so, replacing the battery if your keyboard freezes is a good way to unlock your keyboard. In wired keyboards, the USB point can be loose too, so try unplugging and reconnecting it again.

Keeping your Keyboard Clean

Many times, bigger particles or debris get inside the keyboard resulting in a poor response from the keys. It can also stick down the keys in a depressed position, preventing the other keys from responding.

Physical Damage

The most common reason for an unresponsive or locked keyboard is physical damage. Worn out cords, depressed or broken keys, and housing cracks that can cause mechanical failure and damage to the keyboard. If you see that this is the problem, then you'll need to replace the keyboard completely.

Poor Connection

Bad plugs, loose USBs and frayed USB cables can be a big factor if your keyboard is acting up. Check all these connections if you see your keyboard locked. A faulty connection can even result in circuit failures. So, it is always good to check the connection first before trying other unlocking methods.

Updating the Device Drivers

A corrupt device is often the source of maximum problems occurring in a computer or laptop. Thus, it is important to update/install or uninstall drivers accordingly to allow the computer and its many parts to work in perfect order.

When to Replace Your Keyboard?

The best time to replace a keyboard is when none of the above steps is working. Sometimes, seeking help from a technician may help, but most of the times, replacing the keyboard is the best option. Nowadays, wireless keyboards are dominating the market as their various connectivity options and efficiency makes them better than traditional wired keyboards.

The Bottom line

Keyboards are an integral part of a computer, and there is nothing more painful than working with a broken or inefficient keyboard. So, knowing the basics of unlocking a locked keyboard will not only encourage productivity but will also keep the computer in a better condition. As important as a keyboard is to a computer, equally necessary is to have a quality mouse to make your navigation easier.

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