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Apple Watch 5 Vs Galaxy Watch 3

Updated on Nov 17, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Apple watch 5 vs galaxy watch 3

When it comes to buying a smartwatch, there is often a conflict between brands. A similar conflict is seen when deciding between Apple watch 5 Vs. Galaxy watch 3. We’ve brought to you a comparison guide between Apple 5 Vs Galaxy Watch 3 to help you and make your buying process easier. Hop onto the bandwagon of Apple fans and bring a suitable smartwatch home! Know more about the best Apple watches shortlisted if you are curious to know about other Apple variants.

Apple Watch 5 Vs Galaxy Watch 3


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 runs on Tizen OS and is compatible with both Android and Apple devices. The Android 5.0 and above and RAM 1.5GB and more whereas iOS 9.0 and higher. Apple watches series 5 is only compatible with iPhones iOS 13 and higher.   


Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 offers an analog look. The round, bright display made of stainless steel provides you with a traditional look. Galaxy Watch 3 comes in displays of 41mm and 45mm. A product like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 45 mm provides for advanced health monitoring. Apple watches are available in 40mm and 44mm. These watches come equipped with always-on displays and customizable watch faces.   


Apple and galaxy both watch feature continuous heart rate monitoring, built-in GPS, 5ATM water resistance, and a fitness tracker which helps you track up to 30 workout styles. Series 5 also comes with a compass for better navigation.

The Apple Watch also gives you a VO2 Max reading. With the FDA-approved built-in ECG in both the watches, they are both amazing buys. The Apple Watch also comes with female health tracking and notifies you if the surrounding noise is harmful to your ears. Samsung watch comes with sleep tracking to provide you a better night's sleep.  

Battery and Price   

The Apple Watch lasts a full day without charge and on the other hand, Samsung Galaxy 3 provides a 36h backup which might be a better catch for some users. Both the watches start at $399 and include an extra premium of $100 and $50 for the LTE version in Apple and Samsung, respectively.  

The Final Verdict  

To sum it up, the final decision lies in the hands of the user. Reliability and durability play significant factors with a similar cost and slight difference in features. Apple watches are classic and galaxy watch 3 has a better battery life but both the watches are impeccable and provide efficient performance. You should understand what all can a smartwatch do before investing in a smartwatch. In a nutshell, in this conflict between Apple 5 Vs. Galaxy 3, the Apple Series 3 is a preferable option.

Is the Galaxy Watch 3 Alexa Compatible?

Alexa is compatible with galaxy watch 3. You will have to download the application for Alexa to work and it will work in Galaxy Watch 3. You can then use your smartwatch for Alexa commands and it allows you Alexa access everywhere you go.

Can I make Calls and Messages Using Galaxy Watch 3?

The answer is yes. Galaxy Watch 3 allows you to make/receive calls and reply to messages. This feature makes your tasks so convenient you just need to connect your watch with your phone with Bluetooth or a mobile network and then it allows you to call or text just from your wrists. The LTE models let you handle calls remotely.

How Long Does the Battery of the Apple Watch 5 last?

The battery of the Apple Watch 5 can last up to 24 hours if it is fully charged. The battery loss depends upon what for you use the watch, it depends upon how much notification you receive, usage of apps, fitness tracking while working out, and more.


Apple Watch 5 Vs. Galaxy watch 3 concludes that both have their different pro and cons. You can choose the one with more compatible features and one that meets all your demands of style and budget for a smartwatch.

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