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Best Smartphones of 2020

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Feb 25, 2020

Ratings generated based on

  • Predicted reliability
  • Owner satisfaction
  • Camera: Rear image quality
  • Camera: Rear 1080p video quality
  • Camera: Selfie image quality
  • Battery life
  • Display
  • Performance
  • Music
  • Calling

Best 10 Smartphones in 2020



  • Value for money

  • Weighs 283g and measures 166 x 81 x 16.5mm

  • Wireless charging system

  • USB port is not covered

  • One speaker

  • Camera quality is downgraded in night mode


  • Large display screen

  • Long lasting battery life

  • High grade camera quality

  • Processor is underpowered

  • Poor Wifi connectivity

  • Slow charging



  • Long lasting battery life

  • Good phone performance

  • LCD panel

  • Camera quality is downgraded

  • Video recording is restricted to 1080p at 60fps

  • Hybrid sim slot


  • Great camera quality

  • Excellent battery life

  • Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and back

  • Hybrid sim slot

  • Slippery back

  • Video recording is restricted to 1080p at 60fps


  • Excellent display

  • Great camera quality

  • Battery capacity is long lasting

  • Not dust or water resistant

  • No expandable memory storage

  • No wireless charging option

Feature wise top Smartphones

Predicted reliability

BLU Studio Mini -5.5HD...

Owner satisfaction

OUKITEL K7 Pro 10000mAh Big...

Camera: Rear image quality

Pixel 4 - Clearly White -...

Camera: Rear 1080p video quality

OUKITEL K7 Pro 10000mAh Big...

Camera: Selfie image quality

OUKITEL K7 Pro 10000mAh Big...


  • Amazing pixel density

  • Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and back

  • Excellent battery life

  • No wireless charging option

  • Downgraded screen resolution

  • Hybrid SIM slot


  • HDR-capable display

  • Smooth video stabilization

  • Excellent battery life with fast charging

  • No audio jack

  • Lack of physical control

  • Unavailability of stereo speakers


  • Excellent battery life with fast charging

  • Good camera experience in daylight

  • Triple card slot

  • No ingress protection

  • Unimpressive low-light camera

  • No electronic video stabilization


  • Large screen display

  • Autofocus camera

  • Long lasting battery life

  • No micro sim slot

  • Low resolution display

  • Cannot handle higher end games

Guide to buying a Smartphone

Smartphones have radically altered the way we work, socialize, organize and entertain themselves. From their beginnings as bulky car phones in the 1980's, mobile phones went on to become multimedia communication devices with a level of computing power seen in desktops only a short number of years before.
Our Smartphone guide covers everything you need to know before you buy, including operating system, screen size, camera, processor and price. You can use this advice to make sure you get the very best handset for your needs and budget.

What are the benefits of buying a Smartphone?

Instant Communication

Smartphones were created to provide the means to communicate with each other. Smartphones have almost single handedly made the world more connected. It has paved the way to SMS, text messaging, call, video chat and apps that allow people to instantly communicate.

Web Surfing

All smartphones come integrated with mobile browsers that lets you surf the web anytime and anywhere. It has made accessing the internet even more accessible.

Pictures and video on the go

In this generation, many people don’t even own a camera. It’s because their phones have become advanced enough to replace it, it saves you from buying a separate device just for clicking pictures. Smartphones take it even a step further by letting you edit and share images. It’s not just pictures, smartphones can be used to recording sounds and best of all videos, it can even be used for live streaming as long as you have access to the internet


For many, smartphones have become their primary source of entertainment. It is a go a to device for games, music, movies and books. With an ever growing array of apps being made available, there is no reason to ever get bored. 


Smartphones also aid in education, especially for children. It lets you have easy access to information that can with educational videos, projects and for children, their homework. With a smartphone you can easily surf the internet if you want to search anything related to a topic.

What should you look for when buying a Smartphone?


A high-end processor makes you feel that the device is fast, smooth and you can do more things at the same time. The processor is the brain of the smartphone and is determined by the number of Cores, Clock Speed and fabrication technology used in making it. A faster processor will typically feature multiple computing cores in its architecture.

Camera Features

The is the most popular feature for many when buying a smartphone. Certain smartphones focus heavily on the quality of its camera letting the camera shoot the high-resolution photo and videos. However, the best way to check the quality of the camera is to test hands-on. 
There is a common misconception that more megapixels typically result in better images. Although it plays an important part in clicking a high quality picture but there are other factors that you need to consider.

Battery life

It is rare for a phone nowadays to have a battery that lasts a full day. However, it’s important to note that the increased functionality of a smartphone and its large screen demands more power than before. The cope up with the increasing power demands, the phone companies have started including special chargers that recharges a phone well within an hour. 

Display Quality

You need to pay close attention to a smartphone’s brightness, color quality and viewing angles. Phones with AMOLED screens tend to offer richer hues than handsets with LCD screens, as well as deeper black levels and wider viewing angles. For resolution, we suggest that a full HD be the minimum you should go for.


Whether a phone has good design is a subjective topic, but we suggest that if you want both quality and aesthetics, you should opt for a phone with metal or glass design or both. But if you want a cheaper alternative then you could with phones with plastic bodies, but in our opinion, it should be avoided


Buying a new Smartphone can be a daunting task and we hope that we have given you the knowledge you need to buy a good one that’s just perfect for you. Check out our top 10 list to see the best Smartphones you can buy.

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