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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Vs. Galaxy Watch

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
Samsung Galaxy 3

The newly launched Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has some major improvements and added features. But is it actually worth the investment? Should you upgrade if you already own a Galaxy Watch? Today, we’ll cover all your questions in our Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Vs. Galaxy Watch blog and compare both the watches so that you can understand the factors to consider before investing in a smartwatch.

Battery Life and Performance 

Before buying a smartwatch, it’s integral to check its battery lifespan. If you’re a heavy user, you would want to spend a few bucks and invest in a watch that gives you better battery performance. However, the Galaxy Watch 3 disappoints here. The 45mm version of Watch 3 has a 340mAh battery as compared to the 472mAh of Galaxy Watch. 

The Galaxy Watch 3 sports the same Exynos 9110 chipset but offers 8GB storage (twice the storage of Galaxy Watch) with 1GB RAM. 


With the new SpO2 monitor, the Galaxy 3 can track blood oxygen levels. It also offers the ECG app with accurate blood pressure monitoring. 

Watch 3 follows the fitness software of Galaxy with an addition of seven new workout activities. You can also activate your workouts by voice. Its training mode allows you to customize your display. Galaxy Watch also tracks your fitness activity meticulously. Watch 3 offers all that a galaxy watch offers and more when it comes to fitness. 


Galaxy Watch 3 has a 41mm model with a 1.2-inch screen and a 45mm model with a 1.4-inch screen. Galaxy Watch has a 42mm model with a 1.2-inch screen and 46mm with a 1.3-inch screen. Both the watches have always ON super AMOLED displays with enhanced viewing. However, Galaxy Watch 3’s screen is protected by Gorilla Glass DX as compared to the Gorilla Glass DX Plus of Galaxy Watch. 

Price and Design 

Galaxy Watch 3 is available in two sizes. The 41mm variant starts at $399, and 45mm starts at $429. The Samsung Galaxy Watch was launched for $329 for 42mm and $399 for 46mm. Obviously, the prices for the Galaxy Watches have slashed today and the variants are sold with significant discounts.  

When it comes to the design, Watch 3 is sleeker and lighter. With the features being more pronounced, the watch has a classic look. 


If you do not have a Samsung smartwatch yet, the Galaxy Watch 3 is a decent buy. However, if you already own a Galaxy Watch, analyze if the added features are worth your investment. We hope our clear comparison between both the watches helps you make an easy choice. You can even go for a selection of smartwatches since they are certainly taking the market by storm. But if you are someone looking to join the Apple bandwagon where smartwatches are concerned, then don't forget to read through our blog on best Apple Smartwatches.

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Created with Raphaël
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