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All You Need to Know About Grill Covers

Updated on Nov 9, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Grill Covers

Grill covers are made of water-resistant and durable materials that keep your grills protected from rain, sun, and other external factors. The right cover for your grill is important in increasing the overall lifespan of the grills. Some grill models come with complimentary covers, while others don’t. Grill covers bought from local markets don’t have easy returns or money-back policy on them. You should measure your Grill and purchase a suitable one online. Our blog how to pick the right grill covers will help you choose the most suitable one.

Do I Need a Grill Cover?

Covering your grill keeps it clean and prevents it from rusting. The grill may be more practical without a cover in some cases. Picking up a grill cover is a must if you have invested in a grill that is less expensive and has average quality. The weather may also play a crucial role here. The dry or coastal areas call for a strong need to buy a grill cover. Covering your grill in a humid area will be a bad idea. A good quality grill can withstand extreme weather conditions.

How to Choose the Best Grill Covers?

Check The Material

Grills covers available in the market are mainly made of vinyl, polyester, and canvas. Vinyl covers are ideal for the rainy season and are mostly water-resistant. The polyester and canvas covers are also high-quality covers that come with sturdy construction and a durable build. Canvas covers are also fire resistant and can withstand all weather types. You can go with any material that is durable and fits within your budget limit.

Determine the Size

Grills come in dozens of shapes and sizes you will have to measure your grill for the correct size and perfect fit. Start with the height and measure the distance from the ground to the topmost point of your grill. Move on to measure the width, the distance between the extreme edges of the grill. Make sure to include the side burners and the shelves. Lastly, measure the depth by horizontally placing the tape from the back of the grill to the front.

Once you have the right measurements, pick a cover that is two or three inches larger than the dimensions of your grill. Ensure that the shape of your cover matches your grill perfectly.


You should look for covers that come with additional features including handle straps, air vents, pockets, and accessories. The handles and straps will let you wrap your grills with ease, while the air vents are beneficial in preventing rusting and keeping your covers moisture-free. The additional pockets are good for storing your cooking essentials.


You should find a product that doesn’t exceed your budget value. Look for affordable models or consider comparing different models online. You can buy a good quality, durable grill cover for just around $30.

Ways to Keep The Grill Cover On

Wrap the Cover With Bungee Cords

Tie a bungee cord to your covered grill to keep it intact. Try to find a long one or tie a couple of short ones together. Make sure it's stretchy and effectively wrapped around the grill cover.

Use a Gust Guard

The gust guards prevent the grill covers from being blown by the wind. Cover your grill, attach the clamps at the bottom of the cover and fasten the cord.

Tuck the Cover Under The Lid

Tucking the cover under the lid is the easiest method. Place the cover over the grill, lift up the lid and tuck the edges inside. You can buy cover like the iCOVER 30 inch Grill Cover that is mostly bigger than the lid; and ensure there is some part left to be tucked.

Use a magnet

A magnet is a perfect alternative to straps and windings. It will stick to your steel grill and hold the cover in place until a hurricane blows it away.

How to Clean a Grill Cover?

When your grill cover works so much, it needs some attention too. Make sure you clean it regularly. Follow these easy steps to clean your grills thoroughly.

  • Remove any debris or leftover food
  • Rinse the grill cover down
  • Spray a cleaner all over the surface and let it sit for some time
  • Rinse it properly
  • Let it dry

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Buy Grill Covers

Coleman NXT RoadTrip Grill Cover

The reviews of Coleman NXT RoadTrip Grill Cover show that it is an ideal product for outdoor grills. The grill cover is made with heavy-duty materials and is designed to last long. It is weather-resistant and provides excellent protection to your grills from outdoor elements. The cover is easy to adjust and features side air vents that allow air circulation. It measures 12.88 x 3.5 x 11.5 inches and weighs around 0.65 pounds.

Cuisinart CGC-19 VersaStand Cover

The Cuisinart CGC-19 VersaStand Cover has convenient handles and adjustable straps to fit most outdoor grill models with 3 to 4 burners with ease. The cover is made of heavy-duty waterproof 600 denier nylon. It keeps your grills protected from snow, rain, and other external elements. It has a fade-resistant feature that keeps it safe from sun damage.

A1cover Grill Cover

The A1cover Grill Cover is of sturdy polyester material and is able to withstand rough environmental actions. It has separate straps that offer convenient closure and fastening. The material is water-resistant and fade-resistant. This model has got good reviews for its durable and long-lasting nature.

iCOVER 28 inch Griddle Cover

The reviews of iCOVER 28 inch Griddle Cover mark this model as the best affordable cover made of 600D heavy-duty oxford polyester material. It features double padded handles and straps that allow you to cover your BBQ grills easily. It measures 47 x 20 x 31 inches in size and comes with an air vent to minimize condensation and prevent moisture.


Grill covers are the best companion for portable grills that are usually placed outside and are subjected to different weather resulting in wear and tear. A Grill cover helps in keeping your Grill safe and adds more years to it. Keeping the above factors in mind, you should be able to find the perfect grill cover easily.

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