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Ninja AF161 Max XL Air Fryer

5.5 Quarts Capacity, 1750Watts,120 Volts, 450°F, Programmable Touch Control, Plastic, 14 x 11 x 14.75 inches, 11 pounds, Nonstick Coating
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About Ninja AF161 Max XL Air Fryer
87% highlighted the presets, although 13% found them limiting
The air fryer doesn't have many food presets, but I can set the temperature and time on various cooking modes. The max setting has a fixed temperature of 450 degrees which is great for frozen fries and other foods for maximum crispness.
The air fryer is user-friendly and simple to operate. It's easy to choose settings and adjust the timer.
I wonder if dial knobs would be easier to use than digital buttons for setting the timer. A dial interface would be nice for quickly getting to the desired time.
There are no presets for fish, meat, or vegetables. Everything has to be done from scratch and fine-tuned to my needs.
85% appreciated the design, however 15% found it unappealing
The air fryer is a good option for people with small counter space as it doesn't take any extra space than my small air fryer.
I have an XL air fryer that takes up a decent amount of counter space.
This air-fryer has a similar countertop footprint as the Ninja 100, but is a bit taller. I appreciate that it does not take up too much counter space.
The air-fryer takes less counter space and looks gorgeous.
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86% found it noise-free, yet 14% reported noise issues
I compared the noise level of the air fryer with my stove vent fan and concluded that it is not an issue for me.
The air-fryer is much quieter than a hair dryer and it's more like a general hmmmm in the background.
The air-fryer is a little noisy, but it would still be great for a college student or someone living in a small space.
When I use the machine, it is loud like a fan.
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78% were satisfied with temperature controls, yet 22% experienced difficulties
There is no temperature control, it automatically shoots for and holds about 400F.
The temperature is set at only one temperature of 400 degrees and can't be adjusted.
The temperature control varies by 15 degrees sometimes and by 5 degrees other times.
I need to keep an eye on the temperature control as things are done way before the time is up, which makes it inconvenient for me.
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89% liked controls and functionalities, although 11% found them confusing
The air-fryer has all the necessary features and the controls are intuitive and easy to use.
I have to do everything from scratch as there are no presets for fish, meat, and vegetables.
The temperature control fluctuates by 15 degrees sometimes and by 5 degrees other times.
Adjusting the temperature and cook time is not as easy as my other air fryers. I have to press the buttons super hard and directly in the center.
76% were satisfied with the basket size, but 24% wished it were more spacious
The basket can make a couple of servings of fries or veggies, but it's not very large.
The basket size is not truly 5.5 quart unless you can use the height for larger meat or cornish hens.
It takes a long time to make enough fries for four people as they have to be made in small batches.
The basket size is smaller than expected, despite the unit being quite large.
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