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Ninja AF150AMZ Air Fryer XL, 5.5 Quart Capacity

Power : 1800W


Capacity : 5.5 quarts


Product Dimensions : 11"D x 14"W x 14.75"H


Fryer Material : Ceramic


Timer : Yes
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About Ninja AF150AMZ Air Fryer XL, 5.5 Quart Capacity
81% highlighted the presets
The air fryer is very easy to use with self-explanatory buttons. The instruction booklet is even better as it provides information on what to cook, at what temperature, and for how long.
I believe that presets are not necessary as there are none available.
86% appreciated the design, however 14% found it unappealing
The air fryer takes up less counter space than any of my other kitchen appliances and cleans up faster.
The vent being on top means I don't have to pull it out from the wall as much as back vented fryers.
The device has a spacious basket and a small footprint.
The air-fryer offers great versatility and functionality while taking up minimal space.
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78% found it noise-free, yet 22% reported noise issues
I saw a review that the air fryer is noisy, but I don't think it's that bad.
The air-fryer makes some noise, but it's not too loud to complain about.
The noise level is considerably low compared to regular frying.
The air-fryer is very loud and not suitable for use when guests are present or when quiet conversation is desired.
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86% were satisfied with temperature controls, yet 14% experienced difficulties
I found the instruction booklet helpful as it specifies the cooking temperature.
The temperature controls are easy to clean and user friendly.
I wish the temperature control had more variation for recipes that require a higher temperature.
The air fryer only goes as low as 300 in the air fryer setting, which bothers me, even though it can go to much lower temperatures than other air fryers.
84% liked controls and functionalities
The air fryer is easy to use with self-explanatory buttons. The instruction guide is helpful as it provides information on what to cook, at what temperature, and for how long. Additionally, I love the timer feature that stops automatically when cooking is finished.
I use the controls several times a week to reheat food or fry up some quick freezer snacks without any issues. They are easy to operate.
The controls are very intuitive.
The controls are easy to use and it comes with a booklet containing cooking times/temps for almost anything I would cook in it.
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82% were satisfied with the basket size, but 18% wished it were more spacious
The basket size is 4 quarts, which sounds huge. It holds a lot of french fries and stackable items, but the surface for things like hamburgers or chicken breasts is small.
The basket size is perfect for our two-person household.
Sometimes I wish the basket was bigger, but for 1 person it is fine.
If I plan to feed a lot of people, I will have to make things in batches.
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