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GearLight Tac LED Tactical Flashlight [2 Pack] - Single Mode

A Single 18650 Rechargeable Battery, 2X Aaa Battery Holders, 1X User Manual, Tough Military Grade Metal Body, A Powerful Beam, 3 Aaa Batteries, Tactical Situations, Removable Clip

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BVR Rating 2,095 reviews


  • Comes with 3AAA batteries that lasts for long hours
  • Featured with adjustable zoom option that helps to focus on faraway objects
  • Built-in removable clip that conveniently attaches to the tool belt or pocket for quick access.


  • The front lens ring may come unscrewed

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  • Overall performance
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  • Users of this product said

    The metal light was uncomfortable for 20 minutes but was cooler by one hour.

    I got fed up with the previous one and sent it to the big flashlight graveyard in the sky, because it was on the junky side with lots of different modes and not much light when it decided to work.

    I don't know anything about guns but if you read the other reviews of gun owners, you will know that this flashlight isn't for gun attachment or anything like that.

    The price was right and the flashlight seems to be well built, even though it took four hours to use one of the flashlight under the kitchen sink.

    The small size of the flashlight can be used anywhere, and it has a loop on the end to hang it in any area that we need it.

    Question & Answers


    If I decide not to use aaa batteries, will I need the button top or flat top 18650 battery?


    I have several gearlight flashlights that can be used in the garage, car, house or truck, none of them run the battery down when not in use.


    Is it an AA battery version?


    If you type in the following, you will be taken to a version that uses just double A's, but that one doesn't have better reviews.


    What is the lumens rating for this light?


    The maximum output of the LEDs is 1040 lumens, but in actual use, the output can range from 300 to 800 lumens depending on the battery type and battery strength.


    What is the width of the flashlight's handle?


    It is about 1 and 1/2 inches wide at the handle section and about 1 and 1/2 inches wide around the bulb area.


    Does the light zoom in?


    This light zooms from a wide beam to a focus spotlight.

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