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Image of Brightech Litespan - Bright...: Bestviewsreviews
Overall BVR Rating Based on 5000+ reviews


Easy to install







  • On/off button has an orange light that stays on all the time
  • Flexible and adjustable neck
  • Easy to assemble


  • Bright and harsh dim light


Image of Brightech Leaf - Adjustable...: Bestviewsreviews
Overall BVR Rating Based on 1200+ reviews


Easy to install







  • Simple touch on/off/dimmer
  • Easy assembling
  • Affordable


  • No adjustable height
  • Knife like sharpness of the chrome piece


Image of Brightech Sky LED Torchiere...: Bestviewsreviews
Overall BVR Rating Based on 5000+ reviews


Easy to install







  • 3 brightness settings
  • Convenient touch switch on the pole
  • Easy to assemble


  • Cheap quality disc light
  • Expensive
  • Short height

Feature wise top Floor Lamps

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Floor Lamps Buying Guide

Light is an essential element in any home and can create mood, brightness and the perfect finishing touch to the room. Floor lamps are the unsung heroes of any lighting scheme, providing much-needed illumination to a variety of rooms without time-intensive installation. Offering both widespread ambient lighting and direct task lighting, floor lamps are versatile enough to suit whatever mood you’re going for in a space. But finding the best one can still be daunting. A floor lamp can become a masterpiece in any room, creating a focal point that stands out in a darkened corner or to highlight another feature you want to show off.

Types of floor lamps

The main advantage of this type of lamps is that it can soften the lighting in the room, creating a mood. If you have sat down to watch a film on television, you don't want a bright light, so you can turn off the main lights, leaving the lamp on to offer a warm glow.

Arc floor lamps

Arc lamps have a stem that extends up and out which can directly light the space where you want the focus.

Uplight floor lamps

Uplight lamps have a unique design so, it lights up the whole wall where it is kept.

Reading floor lamps

If you’re looking for a lamp to brighten up your favorite nook, a desk or a place you do other daily tasks a reading floor lamp is a perfect choice.

Ambient floor lamps

It is the most common type of floor lamp. It typically provides enough light to cover a whole area.

What are the benefits of buying a floor lamp?

Lamps are our best midnight companion and our study buddy. It is easy to install, portable, decorative and an excellent way to supplement fixed lighting. It also fits in tight spaces, gives a sense of scale to space and acts as part of a layered lighting plan. And floor lamps are a decorative & stylish lamp that adds an extra lighting element to your space. A wide variety of designs and styles are available, using technologies such as led floor lamps, fluorescent floor lamps, and halogen floor lamps in the market. 

Benefits to why you should own a floor lamp.

Floor lamps can be used as a stand-alone lighting solution to focus on a particular spot in a room which has a darkened corner or a pair of sofas next to each other, the lighting product can easily be placed, brightening up that space, making it welcoming and capturing the attention of visitors. It can also be easily moved so you change its position anywhere you wish to.

Floor lamps increase the chic outcome of the room with no compromise on functionality and usage. Additionally, it offers the creative freedom of letting you design your space as per your needs and giving it a classic look and adding charm in your home décor.  

The floor reading lamp is a complement to your decor. Due to their length, they are perfect for evening reading.

With such a vast range of uses and benefits, floor lamps are an excellent investment for both commercial and residential spaces. These Floor Lamps are available in an array of designs, shapes, sizes, and fabrics, making them the ideal lighting solution for everyone.

What are the features to keep in mind when buying a floor lamp?


You should always buy something as per your budget. The cost of the floor lamps can vary from high to low range. A medium raged floor can also be good enough to give your house an astounding look.


The size of the lamps may also vary from small to large. You should finalize the size of the lamp according to the space you are planning to place it.


The height of the lamp is another factor to take into account. The higher the light source, the wider the spread of the light. Some floor lamps come with adjustable heights, which can be handy if you’re prone to switching things up often.


Before buying a floor lamp you should always know the purpose of buying it. Whether you are going to use it in your bedroom, living room and kitchen. Narrowing down the uses of the floor lamp will enable you to decide the kind of lighting that you should be looking for.


Floor lamps come in thousands of styles, and even if you have got all of the above points right, it can still be confusing. So, make sure you know which style of the lamp will beautify the ambience of your home.


Shades are used to cover the lightbulb and diffuse the light it emits. Keep in mind that the darker the color of the shade, the less light will show through. If you have thicker material, it will affect light output.


So, there you have it! Take note of this guide and you will never go wrong when choosing a floor lamp. Remember that balance is also important to make sure that your floor lamp complements your interior decorations. Don’t be afraid to play with colors as long as you don’t overdo it.


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