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  • Stylish linen upholstery wipes clean easily
  • Sturdy wood frame construction is stable and durable
  • Cushioned back with slanted oak coloured wooden legs


  • Uncomfortable built


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Futon Sofa Bed Memory Foam Couch Sleeper Daybed Foldable Convertible Loveseat Black

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Futons Buying Guide

Futon is an ancient Japanese word for mattress that is made of cushion filled with leaves. The whole mattress is made of three parts, a thin layer of cotton padding, a three folding pad and a comforter to go above. These three together makes up a fully functional futon. Read through this informational guide to know more about futons and what to consider before taking the plunge.  

Types of Futon Frames 

Japanese Futon Frame 

This is a single bed, spread on top of the tatami mat and is very commonly used in rooms where single accommodation needs to be arranged.  

Bifold Futon Frame 

As the name suggests, this kind of frame can be used both as a sofa couch and as a futon bed. If the mattress is folded along with the frame, it resembles a couch and otherwise it acts as a fully functional futon bed. Most of them are made of springs, latex, and other durable materials unlike traditional cotton. 

Loveseat Futon Frame 

Such futons can act as a loveseat, a full bed and a third lounger position which rests somewhere between a loveseat and a couch. Often a small deck pulls out which acts as a resting platform for the legs to elevate comfort.  

Trifold Futon Frame 

Such frames come in three connected pieces, a back section, the seating and the ottoman section. These are majorly used for saving space as it can be easily stored in a corner. The mattress used in such futon frames is made of cotton and thus not recommended for daily use.  

Benefits of Futon 

Protects your Back and Joints 

Futons are great for backs as they can be aligned and stretched resulting in lesser back pain. Soft mattresses curve your spine resulting in poor posture and acute back pain. Futons engages your back muscles while sleeping offering a strong back. Similarly, with joint too, futons help in keeping them healthy by preventing them from sagging. 

Takes Less Storage Space 

Futons are thin in nature allowing you to fold and store them easily. Thus, they can free up spaces quickly. They can also be conveniently stored.  


They are lightweight, and compact allowing you to take it along with you wherever you go. The lightweight nature makes them a good travelling companion.  

Easier Maintenance 

Futons are also easy to maintain and clean. Since they are made of thinner layers, the dirt and mites can be beaten out of it and then kept in the sun to sanitize. No more using of vacuums and other tedious cleaning techniques anymore. 


Futon are affordable as compared to mattresses which are quite generously priced based on their structure, and quality. Futons will usually cost you around $100 to $270 based on the quality, size and material.  

Things to Consider Before Buying a Futon Mattress 


Before buying a futon mattress, understanding the frame important. Deciding on whether to go for a bifold or a trifold design is a crucial factor in determining the type of futon you want to go for.  

Frame Material 

Be it a futon or a futon frame, understanding the base material is crucial in helping you select the perfect futon and frame. Majorly, futon frames made of wooden and metal is preferred for its durability and aesthetics as compared to other materials. Thus, choose as per your interiors and requirement.  

Futon Material 

Usually futons are made of cotton. But they are also available in memory foam, innerspring, etc. Thus, going for a material that will be not only comfortable as well as durable is important.  


There are many sizes of futons available like twin, cot, twin XL, full bed, and queen size. The cots measure 30’’x75”, the twin measures 39”x75”, twin XL measures 39”x80”, full bed futon measures 54”x75” and the queen bed futon measures 60”x80”. Thus, choose as per your need and requirement.  

Futon Covers 

It is important to cover your futons with proper covers to prevent it form spills and the daily wear and tear. Cotton are available in materials like cotton, silk, synthetic fibers etc. Therefore, choosing one that matches the frame and the setting of the room can improve the whole mood of the room.  


Futons have seen a gradual inclination in its demands owing to its affordability and health benefits. Mattresses has been ruling our bedrooms ever since the beginning, but the versatility of a futon that allows it to be used as a seating option as well as a mattress are slowing gaining an unparalleled popularity. But choosing the right one is not so easy and thus we have listed a few of the best products in our featured section above. Take a look at it before deciding to take the plunge. These products are reviewed and recommended based on their popularity, quality and demand.  

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