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Fabric Marker, Emooqi 24 Colors Textile Marker

24 Colors Permanent Fabric Markers, The Ink Is Non Toxic, Professional Customer Service Promise, 24 X Fabric Marker, Smooth Ink, The Permanent Marker

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  • Comes with uniform and smooth ink that makes it easier to paint on fabric
  • Features bright colors that are suitable for all kinds of fabric and will create exceptional vibrant results
  • Fine nylon fiber tip offers precision for thick and thin lines


  • The markers tend to bleed

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  • Users of this product said

    We used cardboard between the front and back of t-shirts to prevent the ink from bleeding through, and thumbtacks to secure the fabric onto a wooden craft table, because I was surprised at the durable quality and how vibrant the colors are with these markers.

    I got them for my 11 year old artist, and she used them on a dark pair of jeans, and they held up great, I washed them in hot water, and I am excited to see how they will continue to wear.

    If you need to go over a line or area a second time, use a light hand and don't hold the tip in one place for too long.

    I was surprised by the quality of the markers and how vibrant they are when they are used.

    The fabric markers are very easy to use, my 10-year old granddaughter and I wore them on a plain white t-shirt to see how they would look.

    Question & Answers


    Do these markers show up on a t-shirt?


    Sometimes fabric markers can be used as a temporary fix.


    Is it possible to use them to draw designs on baby clothes?


    They are child safe, as they are non-toxic, fade proof, washerproof and conform to EN 71 certifications for art products.


    Is it possible that these are Made in china?


    Yes, our products are shipped by Amazon.


    Is an accessory required when using a Cricut machine?


    I'm not sure how or why they're just regular fabric markers.


    Is it possible to use these markers for coloring books?


    You can create art on a variety of surfaces, including wood, ceramic, glass, rocks, stone, canvas, metal and paper.

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