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Electric Kettles

Best 10 Electric Kettles in 2020

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Time to boil

Electric Kettle, Glass Tea...

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Chefman PerfecTea...


SNAPTAIN SP310 Mini Drone...


Dezin Electric Kettle Water...

External temperature of kettle

Electric Kettle, Glass Tea...


  • Very handy

  • Fast boiling capability

  • One button operation

  • Difficulty in taking on/off the lid

Buying guide for an Electric Kettle

An electric kettle is one of the most used kitchen utensils around the world. Almost every household has an electric kettle. An electric kettle comes with a heating element inside it, which heats the liquid inside the kettle within a comparatively least time. It is one of the simplest household appliances available on the market right now. There are more than a thousand models of electric kettle available on the market today. If you want an electric kettle to make tea or coffee you can select the simplest form of an electric kettle and if you want an electric kettle to do a more complex task you can buy the one which has additional features like temperature control system etc. 

Benefits of buying an ELectric Kettle

Electric Kettles have several advantages, this is the reason why the number of electric kettles has been increasing for the past few years. If you are a person looking for an electric kettle, the information given below is very important for you.

Ease of use

Using an electric kettle is easy, you just need to add water and press the button. There are several features available like setting the temperature as per your requirement, it is very easy to figure out the features.

Auto shut- down

Electric Kettles have an auto shut-off feature when the temperature meets the boiling point, which prevents accidents in case you forget to switch off the power unlike, gas stoves. 

Time- saving

Electric Kettles are high voltage kettles that take less than a few minutes to heat water and bring it to the boiling point as compared to boiling it in a gas stove. It saves a lot of time when you are in a hurry.

Temperature control

These days electric kettles come with temperature control features. You can heat water on your required temperature and can extract the real flavor of green tea, coffee, or any other drink.


The advantage of having an electric kettle is that you can place it wherever you want like in office, workplace, study table, or desk. All you have to do is to plug in the kettle and the rest is easy. So, electric kettles are more portable and suit anywhere with an electrical outlet. 

Energy Efficient 

Electric kettles are more energy-efficient than stovetop kettles. As stovetop kettles take time to meet the boiling point a lot of gas is wasted. While electric kettles are high voltage kettles it boils fast and less energy is consumed.

What to look for when buying an Electric Kettle

If you have decided to buy an electric kettle for your home or office, here are a few things that you can consider before purchasing it.

Speed of boiling

A good electric kettle is acknowledged by its boiling speed. Most of the electric kettles from the best brands boil water in about three to four minutes. Before buying an electric kettle consider the features very carefully and choose your kettle based on its speed.


Electric Kettles does not make much noise. They only make a small beep sound when the operation is done. However, few kettles make other sounds too which can be annoying.

Size and weight                

The capacity of an electric kettle means how much water can be stored in it at a particular time. The other concern that comes with a size is the counter space. Electric kettles do not require much space as a microwave or any other appliances, which makes it much more convenient and desirable.

Build quality

Electric kettles are mostly built to function properly and longer, they are mostly made of metal, glass or plastic. Glass and stainless steel are considered to be of higher quality in comparison to plastic material. However, you can choose the desired material of electric kettle as per your preferences.


If you are spending your money buying a good electric kettle the warranty duration is a concern. So, make sure you buy a product with a warranty so that it lasts longer. One of the best ways to find out if the product is durable or not is to look for customer reviews or research about the product from various sites.

Why buy an Electric Kettle Online?

Today’s generation hardly goes out shopping for gadgets and appliances from supermarkets or stores. So, buying it online is the best solution. There are several online platforms from where you can buy an electric kettle, and you can get the best range of electric kettle at an affordable price from our website Choosing the right electric kettle can improve the flavor of your daily cup of tea and coffee and ensure that it is prepared faster. If you are buying an electric kettle online you have several options to compare the specifications of the kettle and check the customer reviews that help to choose the perfect kettle for your requirement. 


We have discussed electric kettles in detail above and now it is the time of the final decision. Electric kettles take the lead in being more convenient, portable, energy-efficient and speedy. It is the best appliance for people staying in a hostel. What you choose for you is a matter of your convenience and preferences. 

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