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Pefei Professional Pedicure Foot File

Your Soft And Healthy Foot Skin, Scorsal Grade Stainless Steel, The High Quality Raw Materials, Colossal Stainless Steel Detachable Foot Scrubber

Created with Raphaël
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Reason to Buy

  • The colossal foot scrubber features a non-slip handle for a better grip
  • The unique detachable callus file can be disinfected separately when not in use
  • Made of surgical-grade stainless steel that offers an extended durability

Minor Drawbacks

  • May not suitable for callus removal

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About Pefei Professional Pedicure Foot File

A foot file can be used to file away calluses. Use the blade side of the file to move forward and backward, do not use too much strength in case of hurting the skin.

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  • What users have to say about Pefei Professional Pedicure Foot File

    I have to get a pedi every 2 weeks and I usually get the callus removal, but this foot file works miracles and I used it today.

    It was easy to use and does a great job, even though I am still in shock of the removal and softness of my feet. There is no need to pay for a pedicure (unless your just lazy) because 20 min.

    This is the best cheese grater I have ever used, it took off a lot of dead skin in just a few minutes, but you don't need to use it with too much pressure or long.

    It's easy to use, but if you're scared of hurting yourself, you should use it on dry feet.

    I thought the foot scraper wouldn't be strong enough, but it's so soft I only have to clean my feet for about 3 minutes.



    Are you able to purchase replacement blades?


    The company that sells the replacement blades is misleading because the blades become dull over time.


    Is it possible to put another one on while you remove the blade?


    I usually soak my feet for 15 minutes in salt before I start filing and then I clean the blade and dry it with a towel so it lasts longer.


    Is it possible to grate cheese with this?


    For safety this isn't reasonable, mechanically yes.


    What kind of metal is here?


    Our foot file is made of surgical-grade stainless steel, which is durable, non-toxic and long-lasting.


    Is it possible to buy 5 today?


    Yes, why not.

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