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Olympia Denmark 21" Carry-on Spinner, Black

4 Wheel Spinner design, additional interior zip mesh pocket, fully padded interior lining, 21x14x9 inches, additional packing capacity, hidden compartment, Weight free movement
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About Olympia Denmark 21" Carry-on Spinner, Black
86% appreciated the lightweight design
The carry-on moves easily and looks sleek.
I love the suitcase for being lightweight and fairly sturdy.
The suitcase is lightweight and practical.
The suitcase is light enough for me to put it into an overhead bin on my own and easy to drag halfway across the Phoenix sky harbor airport.
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77% were impressed with the durable shell
I was initially skeptical about the hard shell case but ended up loving it.
The outer shell is hard and can protect the items from being crushed.
The hard shell of my luggage feels strong and a little flexible.
The exterior ABS plastic shell is quite sturdy.
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76% highlighted the well-designed compartments
The laptop compartment is a thin sleeve in the center of the case, which means it is better protected and uses less space.
I used the hidden compartment for my iPad and it was easy to fit everything I wanted in there safely and securely.
On the left side of the suitcase, there is a secret compartment that doubles as a flap to secure clothes.
I discovered that the suitcase has a hidden compartment along the outside zippers for small objects like pill containers or other small items.
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89% found the carry-on easy to move, while 11% faced difficulties
I loved the varying height of the handle and the 360 wheels.
The handle expands to a comfortable length for me as an average-height traveler.
The suitcase is very easy for me to lift and put in the overhead compartment.
It's very easy for me to grab and lift the carry-on into vehicles and overhead bins.
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81% praised the carry-on's wheel quality, but 19% disagreed
The wheels are great - very smooth and quiet.
The wheels roll well enough, but they could be improved.
One of the wheels does not swivel normally, making it difficult to maneuver.
The wheels are of low quality and don't turn as freely as I want. I compared them to the wonky wheel of a cart at the grocery store.
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