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Travelers Club Top Expandable, 50% Capacity Luggage

4 Spinner wheels,50 % EXTRA packing capacity,1 side USB port,compact and smooth mobility
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About Travelers Club Top Expandable, 50% Capacity Luggage
77% appreciated the lightweight design
The carry-on is lightweight, sturdy, and fits easily under the seat in front of me.
I find the bag easy to maneuver, lift/carry, and it fits well in the overhead compartment on a plane.
The bag is lightweight and has a decent amount of space.
The bag is lightweight and easy to carry. It easily fits under the seat in flight and allows for easy laptop removal during security checks at airports.
84% were impressed with the shell quality, but 16% weren't
The fabric and zippers are sturdier than I imagined and the quality is fantastic.
The shell is constructed well and the fabric feels nice.
The shell is strong, especially the handle.
The material can withstand some banging around due to its thickness and structure.
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77% highlighted the well-designed compartments
I love the option of having a soft partition between the top expansion part and the lower main part, or unzipping the partition to make it one large compartment.
I can store the power pack in the zip pocket inside the lining of the inner compartment of my carry-on.
I can keep my umbrella, utensils and sanitizers easily accessible with the bag.
There is a zippered opening between the lower bag and the upper expandable compartment, allowing me to pack something tall or access the main bag from the top.
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76% found the carry-on easy to move, while 24% faced difficulties
I was able to easily lift the carry-on into my closet out of my child's reach.
Pulling this bag is much easier than carrying a heavy backpack. The handle extends long enough and the bag is slim, so it doesn't bang people on both sides. I am comfortable even in humid summer because my back is sweat-free.
The bag is heavy and difficult to lift using the stitched handle on top. Lifting by the towing handle is awkward.
The bag is heavy and difficult to lift when adding a laptop and components, plus paperwork. The stitched handle on the top is uncomfortable and lifting by the towing handle is awkward. Sometimes I have to lift it over my head and neither handle works well.
77% praised the carry-on's wheel quality, but 23% disagreed
Small wheels make my carry-on lighter, but it is not suitable for carpeted surfaces.
I feel and hear faulty bearings in the wheels with vibration and noise when rolling it.
After only one use, the wheels were dinged up.
The wheels of my carry-on are embarrassingly loud, especially on asphalt. I hope this issue will be fixed in future versions.

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