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Lily Bloom Designer 15 Inch Carry On Weekender Overnight Business Travel Luggage

Weekender Overnight Business travel luggage Lightweight,a fashionable and durable material,high quality and safe polyester fabric,multiple interior and exterior packing compartments
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About Lily Bloom Designer 15 Inch Carry On Weekender Overnight Business Travel Luggage
84% appreciated the lightweight design, while 16% disagreed
The carry-on fits well under most airline seats and allows for an additional carry on.
The bag is easy to carry because it is very light, but negotiating steps in school can be difficult.
I am a small person and had no issues lifting the carry-on to the overhead bin.
The bag is lightweight, sturdy, and has plenty of separation for supplies. It's also very pretty.
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70% were impressed with the shell quality, but 30% weren't
I am confident that the luggage shell quality can handle wear and tear during travel.
I am satisfied with the durability of my carry-on bag's shell, especially the black leather strap handles.
Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the seam at the bottom of one of the exterior pockets was ripped/not sewn.
I have noticed that the bottom material of the carry-on is not durable enough to handle wear and tear.
80% highlighted the well-designed compartments
All the compartments let me organize and view well.
I loved the different compartments inside my carry-on bag.
The bag has several compartments that keep me organized.
The carry-on is helpful when packing with lots of compartments.
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81% found the carry-on easy to move
I am able to pick up my bag with the durable black leather strap handles.
I wish the bag had easy wheels for easier movement, but it is still a good and durable bag.
The suitcase is easy to maneuver even without spinner wheels.
The carry-on is easy to maneuver.
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75% praised the carry-on's wheel quality, but 25% disagreed
I was worried about the wheels since it doesn't have spinning wheels. However, it is good enough to pull around.
The luggage is exceptionally easy to push with caster wheels that spin in all directions, remaining upright and not dragging through the airport.
The wheels and pull-out handle are still working well.
The wheels do not roll as easily as they should.
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