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AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Suitcase

4 Double Spinner wheels,Suitcase Dimensions,3 zippered pockets,extra thick ABS,scratch resistant finish
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About AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Suitcase
83% appreciated the lightweight design
When I load the suitcase, it weighs only 35-38 pounds depending on what I fill it with.
The suitcase held everything I needed for a weekend trip and was easy to roll around.
The suitcase is light enough for me to carry over stairs.
77% were impressed with the durable shell
The hard sides of my suitcase protect my treasures without adding weight.
I loved the hard shell of the suitcase.
I love the sturdiness of the shell.
The carry-on shell is fairly light when empty and strong.
75% highlighted the well-designed compartments, but 25% raised concerns
The suitcase has a center zipped pocket for storing smaller items and zip up covers to keep contents in place.
The carry-on bag has a terrible use of space. To use all the space of this bag, one would have to pile clothes high in the 'open' side and carefully fold over the zipper side on top of that.
86% found the carry-on easy to move
The suitcase has spinner wheels which make it easy to move around and it is also beautiful and sturdy.
The suitcase is lightweight, easy to maneuver, and fits into the airplane bin just fine.
The handle is long and retractable, so I can stand up straight while pulling.
I can easily wheel the bag around and it fits perfectly in overhead compartments.
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74% praised the carry-on's wheel quality
I like the spinner wheels as they run smoothly and the 4 wheel spinners can be rolled in any direction. My old softshell with 2 wheels could only move broadside, not allowing me to roll it along the center aisles of the European high speed trains, which quickly became a hassle. The wheels stick out a bit far - which helps with luggage space on the inside, but I wonder if baggage handlers manage to snap them off eventually. A slight recessing of the wheels may be another improvement to consider.
The wheels were durable and functional and did not disappoint.
I love how smoothly the product glides along next to me when I move through a busy airport.
The wheels are sturdy over concrete, pavement and carpet.

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