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Car battery : Reserve capacity

Reserve capacity

Delphi BU9094R MaxStart AGM Premium Automotive Battery, Group Size 94R (Reverse Terminal)

Car Battery Buying Guide

Having an efficient Car Battery in place is very important. A Car Battery is like heart of the engine and also acts as the regulator of voltage for the electrical circuit. Imagine you own a super expensive car, but unfortunately, the battery condition makes it impossible for you to drive it around.  A quick solution would be to replace the battery with a new one. But to do that, knowing your Car Battery well is extremely important. This informational guide will help you know everything about a Car Battery so you can judge and pick the best battery for your car easily.

Features of a car battery

Accumulation Capacity

The capacity of a Car Battery co-relates to the level and amount of electric charge that gets accumulated while charging but releases during the discharge reversibly. This accumulation in the battery allows the car to start smoothly. 

Electromotive Force

The EMF is the energy that flows through a battery and is calculated as the potential difference between two circuit points. It is usually measured in volts.

The Level of Charge

A Car Battery is completely charged at 12.6 volts and should not drop as otherwise the performance of the battery may drop.

Internal Resistance

A Car Battery exhibiting low resistance gives out high current whereas a battery exhibiting high internal resistance may lead to heating up of the battery thus causing a voltage drop.

Cold-Cranking Amps

Cold-cranking amps justify the battery's capacity to start a car during cold conditions. A good Car Battery can start the car for as low as -17 degrees while maintaining a low voltage during that period of let’s say 30 seconds. If your car is starting in a time more than that, then it is probably time to change it. 


Self-discharge occurs in cars when some internal reactions reduce the charge of the battery automatically allowing the battery to run on less than normal charge when the battery is used. This is not good for the car and the battery as the shelf-life of the battery reduces exhibiting problems in the car.

Types of Car Batteries

Ignition and Lighting Battery

These batteries have a shorter charge cycle and take less time to drain out and get recharged again. As the name suggests, these batteries help in starting and help in powering up your lights, and electric activities like the radio. They can lend power only for a short period.

Deep Cycle Battery

Deep cycle batteries provide power over a considerable period and are resistant to heat, vibration etc. Such batteries can accommodate several recharge cycles.

Lead-Acid Battery

Such batteries have the negative plate made of lead and the positive plate made up of lead dioxide but with the concentration of sulphuric acid as the electrolyte. This electrolyte maintains most of the charge.

Wet-Cell Battery

Such batteries contain electrolyte that is made up of lead, sulphuric acid and water.  Since the electrolyte is water-based it can move around unlike dry cell where the electrolyte is constrained with the help of gel etc.

Li-ion Battery

These are high-performance batteries that are highly relied on for powering up electric vehicles They can provide a lot of energy as compared to other batteries.

AGM Battery

AGM or Absorption glass mat batteries functions pretty much like the flooded wet-cell batteries except the electrolyte is absorbed in the glass mat of fibreglass that delivers considerable power in rapid bursts of energy.

Spiral Coil Battery

Such batteries are in demand with vehicles that require good torque and is highly feasible for big vehicles. They are high-performance and good output batteries.

Gel Battery

Such batteries are maintenance-free, produces low fumes and is made up of sulphuric acid and silica mixed to form a gel-like substance. It has an adequate shelf-life and can last anywhere between 2-5 years.

Factors to Consider while Buying the Right Battery for your Car

Understand your Car and Battery

Before making any choice, understanding your car and the battery type is very crucial. Understanding the alternatives when it comes to the battery is also equally necessary. To help you in these your car manual can be handy or you can talk to a mechanic about it. 

Understanding the Shelf-Life of your Battery

Everything that a Car Battery gives depends on its longevity, which otherwise is called the shelf-life. Know your battery’s shelf-life before choosing one.

Higher Rating AH

Having a Car Battery with a higher rating AH is important as it will overall improve the performance of your car in the long run. Speak a mechanic for more clarity before buying one.

Fresh Battery

Never settle for a second-hand Car Battery.. The batteries of a car always need to be in perfect working condition, if you want the car to function properly. 

Right Battery Size

Understanding the battery size is important as sometimes certain batteries have minor difference and should never be switched.

Go by Brands

Whenever you are trying to replace your battery, go by the brand of which your original battery is. In case it is unavailable go by other brands but try not to settle for an unknown brand.


Signing up for warranty is your right.  Choose batteries which comes with a decent warranty period.


It is very essential for your car to have a good and strong battery as you don't want to keep making rounds to the repair shop to fix it. Replacing your original battery with a local replacement can be detrimental to your car. Understanding your car and battery well, before purchase will be helpful for you in choosing a perfect battery for your car. Take a look at our featured section for more information on this. 

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