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BVR Rating 1,100 reviews
Reasons to buy
  • Features 22 pieces ratcheting wrench set with mirror finish that helps to speed up the task
  • Comes with a tool roll case that makes it easy to store and protect the tools
  • The size of tools may vary
BVR Rating 353 reviews
$23 OFF
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Reasons to buy
  • Extra-long, flexible and reversible tools that makes it versatile set for ratcheting wrenches
  • Comes with 90 teeth design that makes it ideal for tight working spaces
  • Features an innovative internal gear mechanism that makes it one of the best performing ratcheting wrenches
  • May not be suitable under torque
BVR Rating 89 reviews
$9 OFF
All Buying Options
Reasons to buy
  • Features a 40-percent longer length that makes it easy to reach hard-to-reach fasteners
  • Comes with ratcheting box end that offers maximum productivity
  • Surface drive technology that can reduce fastening, rounding and adds strength
  • May not be sturdy enough
BVR Rating 154 reviews
Reasons to buy
  • Fully polished features for easy cleaning and rust resistance
  • The double box end wrench is perfect for use in tight or loose spots
  • Button design helps keep wrenches from sliding out
  • The size may vary
BVR Rating 343 reviews
$3 OFF
Reasons to buy
  • Extra long beam that offers extreme reach and loads of leverage
  • Comes with 180 degree pivot head that helps to easily get around obstructions
  • Features a 6-point box that prevents from slipping off while working
  • Ratcheting mechanism may not function adequately sometimes
BVR Rating 97 reviews
$85 OFF
All Buying Options
BVR Rating 142 reviews
All Buying Options
Reasons to buy
  • Comes with various size of wrenches that meets varied requirements
  • Made of high-quality material that makes it durable
  • Comes with a carrying case that makes it easy to store the wrenches
  • May not fit all fasteners
BVR Rating 230 reviews
Reasons to buy
  • Comes with a 6-pc flex-head ratcheting box that makes it convenient to use
  • Features a 180 degree pivot head that helps to easily get around obstructions
  • Equipped with 72-tooth ratchet gears that offers a 5-degree working swing arc
  • The size may vary
BVR Rating 111 reviews
$10 OFF
Reasons to buy
  • Made of high strength chrome alloy steel that offers an extended durability
  • Features longer beam and slender shafts with thick ring heads to increase leverage and torque
  • Extra long wrench with 12 points provides added grip and contact with the bolt
  • May not offer adequate sturdiness
BVR Rating 71 reviews
$7 OFF
All Buying Options
Reasons to buy
  • Comes with heat-treated chrome vanadium steel that ensures durability and resistance to corrosion
  • Double 12-point box-ends and the 75-degree offset handles help you access to fasteners in tight spaces
  • Features 9 different sizes that meet varied requirements
  • May not fit some spaces
BVR Rating 84 reviews
$8 OFF
All Buying Options
Reasons to buy
  • Made of premium chrome steel that offers an extended durability
  • Comes with 180 degree rotating flexible heads that allows to apply leverage at any desired angle
  • Unique ultra-long design increases the torque that is easier and more labor-saving
  • May not come with all sizes

Buying Guide for Box Wrenches

Box and open-ended wrenches are tools used for loosening and tightening fasteners such as nuts and bolts. They come either separately or in a combination form, with one end being an open wrench, while the other is boxed. Box wrenches come in many different lengths, styles, and types, the most common being box & pan head screwdrivers.

Box and pan head screwdrivers have a rounded head with a flange on the end that keeps the head from slipping off the screw. Box and pan head screwdrivers also have a hardened tip on the end that resists scratching the surface of the work. Another type of Box wrench is a torx head screwdriver, which is one hexagon screwdriver with a rounded head.

Benefits of Box Wrenches

Open End Wrench

Open-end wrenches have a U-shaped opening that grips the bolt or nut on two opposite faces. They are typically double-ended with openings varying in size at each end, typically 1/2 inch and 9/16 inch. Open-end wrenches usually have angled ends that are angled about 15 degrees to the axis of the handle. This gives users more flexibility to flip the wrench over in tight spaces.

Design Features

The typical open-end wrench is not offset to allow clearance for knuckles and around protrusions. Box wrenches and open-ended wrenches of better quality are drop-forged from chromium-vanadium alloy tool steel, which is chrome-plated to prevent corrosion and to make cleaning easier. These wrenches combine a box on one side of the wrench with an open end on the other. Both ends are typically the same size and their use has many advantages.

Reaching the Fastener

In comparison to a box wrench, an open-end wrench offers the advantage of being able to slide the wrench into position from the side rather than from the top. This is useful in situations where space for sliding the wrench in from the top is limited. In situations where swing is limited, a 12-point box wrench is more useful than an open-end wrench.

Fastener Damage

The two sides of an open-end wrench may not be able to grip the fitting exactly, so if the wrench slips there is a greater likelihood of rounding the fitting. To reduce the chance of rounding, use a wrench that precisely fits and fully engages the fitting. The box wrench cannot round nuts except for very large wrenches.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Box Wrenches


You should also look at the ease of use of the wrenches when purchasing these box wrenches. It is easy for wrenches with poor grips to slip, wasting your energy.


Make sure the box wrenches you buy are of high quality. Poor quality wrenches might break if you apply too much force to them.

Number of Wrenches

You need to know your needs and buy the right wrench set accordingly. Different box wrench sets come with different numbers of wrenches. These wrenches all have different sizes.


Generally, you should only choose box wrench sets that offer great quality at a reasonable price. Some sets are expensive, while others are relatively cheap.


The Box wrench is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. It's compact and makes for easy storage in a toolbox. Box wrenches are a type of wrench that are used to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts by turning the wrench. This is done by using the mechanism of a lever to magnify the turning force.

This makes them very useful in tasks requiring a lot of force, such as construction. This is a very easy to use wrench that will get the job done right. If you need to tighten a box. To know your buying choices, head over to our featured section. We review and recommend leading products based on design, performance, and ease of use.

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