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  • Features an engraved graduated ruler that shows both metric and imperial measurement values
  • Equipped with solid brass body and hardened steel cutter that offers a long-lasting usage
  • Anti-roll design keeps the wheel marking gauge from rolling off of the work bench
  • The ruler markings may fade off with time
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Buying Guide for Lathe Turning Tools

Lathe turning tools are the tools that enable you to turn an around bar into a round bar with the help of a lathe. Lathe turning tools are used by metalworkers and metal fabricators to turn round bars into round bars, typically with the aid of a lathe. The tools used to turn round bars are lathes. They can be used for various purposes, such as cutting, shaping, and drilling. Lathe turning tools are tools used to create a finished surface on the lathe. Some that are available to hobby woodturners are the belt sander, the smooth surface wheel, the roughing wheel, and the finishing wheel. Once the desired surface is produced, a finish can be applied, as well as any special features or markings required.

Benefits of Lathe Turning Tools

Easy to set

The marking tool has strong knobs that allow for easy adjustments. A V-shaped gap in the rod prevents the fence and tail from moving or swaying while in operation.

Easy to take measurement

A micro-adjustable fence with two thumbscrews is included with the marking gauge wheel, making it easy to take measurements with pinpoint accuracy.

Anti-roll design

Keep the wheel marking gauge from rolling off the workbench. The gauge is kept from rolling around by an anti-roll brass fence with two flat places on the head.

Good for everyday use

Because of its solid brass body and hardened steel cutter, this marking wheel gauge is built to endure a lifetime, unlike other gauges that readily warp or shatter.

Factors consider before buying Lathe Turning Tools

Material Type

The main factor that affects the sort of lathe tool you can use is the type of material you cut. Hardness, wear resistance, toughness, and stiffness are all crucial characteristics to consider before purchasing a lathe tool. These characteristics have a big impact on the types of lathe tools you can employ. Extremely hard materials, for example, necessitate carbide or diamond tools.

Shape of The Tool

Another element to consider when selecting a lathe tool is its form. The tool's cutting direction is also determined by the position of the cutting edge (right-hand tool, left-hand tool and round-end tool).

Desired Shape

Each of the lathe tools described in the classification can be used to create the desired shape. As a result, the appropriate shape must be integrated into the required lathe tool. Because most CNC machining items are sophisticated, you may need to select many lathe tools.


Compare the price of lathe turning tools on different websites and buy affordable and durable ones.


Lathe tools are tools that are used to turn a work piece. The lathe tool is designed to hold the work piece in place while the user turns the piece using the machine. The lathe tool comes in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit the particular needs of the user. You need to know the different lathe turning tools that are available and what they are used for. All of the information that you need is right here. Once you understand the different tools, you will be able to get the most out of your lathe.

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