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Socket Wrenches Vs. Ratchets: Picking the Right Tools

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Namita
Socket Wrenches vs. Ratchets

When it comes to socket wrenches vs. ratchets, it's essential to establish that both these tools perform the same function, i.e. loosening & tightening fasteners. However, these simple mechanical tools help tackle this basic task in a more efficient manner than a basic wrench.

One might think if conventional wrenches are so handy with just one drawback to applying body force, why use such a complicated tool? The answer to this would be, “ its mechanism”. If you compare a socket wrench to another handyman’s tool, it will always outshine because of its mechanism that requires minimum body force, and it works like a charm to the socket and bolts as well.

If we concentrate on the point, how to use a socket wrench? You will get the answer for this itself. I have explained more about it in my previous blog, “Guide For a Handyman- socket wrench”. Take a read to understand this useful tool better. When a socket fixes to the ratchet, it fills the hollow of the ratchet to eliminate the hassle of adjusting the wrench every time you rotate it.

Socket Wrenches & Ratchets: A Comparison

The difference between a socket wrench and a ratchet is subtle but significant. A socket wrench comes into existence to turn a fastener clockwise or anticlockwise. A ratchet, like the Geardrive 3-piece, set the is a dominant form of a ratcheting socket wrench. It consists of a wheel with angled teeth. The function of a ratchet is to engage the socket to rotate it in one particular direction. It can be held firmly with the help of a sturdy tail attached below the wheel of the ratchet. Although both are similar in its purpose, majorly to fasten bolts, both differ by its mechanism. The socket wrenches of today come in sets of short sockets with a square hole in one.

Socket Wrenches vs. Ratchets vs. Conventional Wrenches?

A socket wrench requires a little force to place the socket to its place. But a ratchet, like the Tekton quick Release Ratched set, does not require positioning. You don’t have to reposition or remove it, whereas a socket wrench does that. The ratchet is the handle that incorporates the end of the socket.

A conventional wrench is a different tool but is very similar to a ratchet. An open-end socket wrench or a combination socket wrench takes the shape of the nuts or fasteners to form a firm grip to ease the fastening.

Which one’s better, Socket Wrenches or Ratchets?

I would have to say that a ratchet! Reasons are surely contradictory, but a ratchet comes with its own advantages as follows;


It is a time-efficient tool because a socket wrench takes time adjusting, while a ratchet, like the Ares 3-piece ratchet set snaps to the socket itself.

Compatibility with Different Sizes

There are many ratchets in the market that include socket mounts like the Stanley Drive socket set. These come in handy when one has to use the same tool for different sizes of socket wrenches.

Safety of Usage

Since a ratchet socket wrench is not entirely manual, it minimizes the chances of damage to your equipment. For example, ratchets like Dewalt Mechanics Tools kit.

Which Socket Wrenches are the Best to Buy?

There is a huge market for such tools and finding the right one can be a little overwhelming. Thus, we have mentioned some of the best socket wrench set below to make it simple for you:

Stanley socket wrench set, Dewalt socket wrench set, Craftsman 16 piece socket wrench set / Craftsman 42 piece socket wrench set, amazon socket wrench set, husky 20 piece socket wrench set, Bostitch 246 piece socket wrench set are some of the great options that you can pick without a doubt.


A lot of other socket wrench sets are available but they may vary according to the requirements. When we talk about socket wrenches vs. ratchets, it's important to know that they are both handy tools that are required most of the time simultaneously during household fixes or even professional fixes of nuts and bolts. They are almost like an extension of the human effort to make sure the nuts and bolts are in place.

Since I have explained everything about socket wrenches and ratchets, go ahead and visit our website Bestviewsreviews.com. We review and recommend some of the best product based on their quality, durability and performance.


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