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What is an Air Fryer and Why Should You Invest in One?

Written by Jessica Parker
Updated on Aug 12, 2022
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An air fryer is a new-age cooking appliance that uses the principle of convection to cook food. It uses a hot air circulation method for creating a crispy and tender effect on the food placed inside. It cooks food to perfection with a lower amount of oil, resulting in healthier meals. This machine follows the ‘Maillard Effect’ that initiates a reaction to hot air with amino acids.

The presence of a heating element near the food basket radiates this hot air and speeds up the cooking process. This results in a crunchy exterior and fully cooked soft interior, allowing you to relish each bite. Read our blog to know more about air fryers.

Is it Healthy to Cook in Air Fryer?

The answer is yes. It is a great alternative to cut down on your oil intake levels. It offers you a healthy alternative against deep-fried foods like French fries, finger chips, empanadas, meat crisps, chicken wings, etc. You can cook a variety of dishes in air fryers, by using less oil.

How Different is Air fryer from Microwave Convection Oven?

Microwaves and air fryers have a big difference. Air fryers use rapid hot air technology that radiates heat faster than a convection oven. Microwaves use electromagnetic radiation to cook food. Air fryers are compact appliances and that is why there is less room for the air to circulate. This results in producing a perfectly cooked dish in less time.

Can You Cook Frozen Items in Air Fryer?

The answer is yes. You can cook frozen foods and any other deep-fried food in a few minutes. Set your fryer at 360-degree F and cook frozen hamburgers and frozen chicken Kiev in about 10 to 15 minutes. Recipes like frozen meals, chicken wings, empanadas, French fries, meat, steak, and even popcorns are some common recipes that can be made with a tinge of oil in air fryers.

Air fryers allow you to cook mouth-watering dishes in a few simple steps. Read our blog to know 10 easy air fryer recipes for beginners.

Can You Slow Cook in an Air Fryer?

They use rapid heat to cook your foods faster. It is not good for slow-cooking recipes. It doesn't mean, you lose authentic flavors while cooking in air fryers. This device will heat up your food contents faster while preserving their natural flavor and taste.

Does Air Fryer use a lot of electricity?

An air fryer uses more electricity than energy-efficient ovens or microwaves. You can find different variants of air fryers of 1000 to 1700 watts of power. They use more electricity but include faster cooking programs that reduce the runtime. These devices will result in average energy costs if you are not using them extensively.

Best Air Fryers

Beelicious Air Fryer Combo

The Beelicious Air Fryer Combo has got excellent reviews for its easy-to-use design. It is versatile cooking equipment that cooks healthy, restaurant-quality foods without the cholesterol and saturated fat of traditional deep-fryers. This model can replace air fryers, toasters, convection ovens, and microwave heaters. It offers a capacity of 20 quarts.

Dreo Air Fryer

The Dreo Air Fryer features a digital display, 6 preset modes, a one-touch integrated timer, and a shake-reminder system. The convenient preheat function lets you cook at the exact time specified. It gives you healthy food with 85% less oil than traditional deep-fried foods. You can even cook healthier meals with 100 included air-frying recipes.

Ninja DZ401

The reviews of Ninja DZ401 show that it is a XL version of the original Air Fryer with 2 independent baskets. This model produces crisp, crunchy, and golden brown foods. It features 6 versatile cooking programs that helps meet varied cooking requirements. This model comes with 2 independent baskets that helps in cooking two food items at the same time.

Proscenic T21 Smart Air Fryer

The Proscenic T21 is a great choice for cooking healthier foods quickly. It has a super-fast preheat time, and a 5.8 large capacity to cook a variety of dishes. This model has got positive reviews for its multi-functional digital touch screen. You can use this model with Alexa or Google Assistant voice commands. It features a square design that offers 15% more cooking space than the round one.

Innsky Air Fryer

The reviews of Innsky show that this is a perfect air fryer model for your daily use. It has a nonstick cooking pot to help you make healthier fried foods. It saves calories and fat while preserving the entire taste of the food. You can use this versatile model to cook up big meals with up to 75% less fat than traditional frying methods.


The best-quality air fryer is an excellent choice for those who enjoy frying finger foods but are worried about the dangers of consuming oil regularly. Any semi-liquid or batter-filled foods are not suitable for air fryers. We advise you to use healthy oil for brushing while cooking French fries or chicken breast.

Air fryers let you cook faster than other cooking appliances, but it's important to choose the right air fryers. Read our blog air fryer oven buying guide and buy the right air fryer for yourself.

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