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How to Use Stationary Bike: A Guide for Beginners

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
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Exercising on a stationary bike helps to maintain balance and builds the foundation if you are new to the workout world. It is one of the best ways to shed some weight and get in shape. It is a brilliant exercise equipment for beginners as a lot of control lies in the rider's hand. Their resistance is adjustable, so the rider can pedal for a longer time with ease. 

Using a stationary bike is a great alternative for people who do not want to go out and enjoy a low-intensity regime. It is an excellent way to kick-start the day with activity. It also offers plenty of benefits. In this blog, you will know how you can enjoy a workout on a stationary bike. 

Benefits of Using a Stationary Bike

Tones your Body

A stationary bike helps tone your muscles, especially of the arms and legs, and helps maintain the correct posture. Depending on the resistance, you can change the intensity of your workout and see better results with a regular exercising habit. 

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You can work out from the comfort of your home by strengthening your muscles and burning some fat. It also decreases stress and improves balance. 

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Low Impact

Using a stationary bike is great for people who have chronic back or knee pain. In fact, cycling helps the knee joint stay lubricated and builds strength which helps ease the pain. 

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How to Set Up a Stationary Bike

Stationary bikes are an excellent way of exercising, but some people do not enjoy using them. This is often because of not setting up the bike correctly. We will guide you through a simple checklist that you can follow to know if the orientation is right for you.

  • The seat should be leveled with the top of your hips 
  • There should be a slight bend in the knees towards the end of the pedal stroke 
  • You should also adjust the seat, handles, and pedals so that they match your height and are within easy reach 
  • Adjust the resistance according to your strength so that you can work out smoothly and change it during different intervals

How to do a Stationary Bike Workout 

The first five minutes should include you maintaining a comfortable pace at a very low resistance. Further, increase the resistance slowly but at such a pace that it does not get very strenuous. After 3 to 4 minutes, start increasing your resistance so that you have to work out slightly harder. Depending on your stamina, you can decrease the resistance back to the normal pace and keep on increasing it to maintain a flexible rhythm. This can be a 20-minute workout to help you get into the momentum. 


Using a stationary bike enables you to create a workout that is easy to follow by adjusting the resistance. Following a 20-minute regime for a week can work wonders and build your stamina invariably. You can keep a similar pace and try adding 10 minutes each day to help build endurance and burn calories. 

We hope our blog will help you get started with a stationary bike workout soon. 

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