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Good Friday and What's Great About it?

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Good Friday

Why do we celebrate Good Friday? I mean, why do we celebrate Jesus's suffering and commemorate his sacrifice in a celebratory way? Well, to those who are not familiar with the grounds of Christianity, this day marks the ultimate save for humanity. Jesus willingly sacrificed himself to atone for the sin of human race and his rising from the dead on Easter marks his victory over death and sins.

When do We Celebrate Good Friday?

This year, it is on 2 April, followed by Easter on 4 April. The dates keep changing each year on the first full moon, following the vernal equinox.

Good Friday Agreement

Good Friday Agreement was between the two parties of Unionists and Nationalists, who were part of Ireland but with different political opinions. But Unionists supported being a part of the UK, while Nationalists wanted their own independent Ireland. So, to refute all troubles and violence that took place between them, this agreement or the Belfast Agreement took place in Ireland. This allowed the majority and substantial number of the Irish people to remain part of the UK.

Why is it Called Good?

According to many historians and linguists, Good means holy in the bible. Thus, this day commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus and the eventual celebration of Easter. It is holy, as Jesus won over death and sins with his sacrifice.

How is Good Friday Celebrated?

This day is a significant stepping stone for Christianity to reach its ultimate pinnacle of truth and faith in religion. This day is a day of sorrow and includes fasting, penance and visits to the church. Many modern families and metropolitans throw charity dinners and get-togethers' to raise funds during this occasion.


Good Friday is a historic day from Christianity as it restored the faith of humanity on God. When Jesus was crucified, he being the son of the God, atoned for all the sins of humankind. Although his miracles and claims brought the contempt of religious leaders up on him, it was because of his crucifixion, his prediction of death during the Last Supper and his resurrection, a relentless and strong faith could be established in Christianity.

Good Friday Gifts

Since Good Friday is a period of mourning and sorrow, celebratory events like getting together and parties are not popular. But there are some charity events where people can donate and gift the needy essentials or other memorable gifts. Some things that are often popular for such charity events are cookies, clothes, candy, and other thoughtful giveaways and gifts.

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