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Benefits of Installing Video Doorbell Cameras

Updated on Nov 8, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Video doorbell Benefits

The video doorbell is a modern-day security device designed to keep you and your house safe from strangers. We tend to overlook the importance of small details, but there are reasons why a video doorbell is essential. Due to their small size and their ability to blend into our daily lives, we may overlook them at first. Video doorbells are no exception. These doorbells have a host of advantages you simply can't ignore, and they are slim and incredibly sophisticated. There are innumerable features and benefits that make them a great choice for your home.

Video doorbells allow you to remotely check on people before letting them come in. Installing a smart doorbell camera is certainly an affordable and simple step to make your life easier and safer. This blog is all about the various benefits you can enjoy by installing a good video doorbell camera. Video doorbells, even though, are small and compact, are quite versatile in their use. They offer a host of security and convenience benefits, some of which we will discuss below.

Benefits of Video Doorbell Cameras

Allows you to See Outside

A significant function of a video doorbell camera is to offer you a robust home security system. A video doorbell camera feed allows you to get a clear view of who is outside without even getting up from your place.

Discourages Robbers

A video doorbell camera makes it difficult for thieves and scams to get inside or near the house. Many times thieves come dressed as salespersons and can scam you out of valuables. You will also have the time to alert the police well before any mishaps take place if you have a video doorbell.

Acts as Evidence

The footage stored in video doorbell cameras acts as evidence in case of any accidents or burglaries. The reviews of Arlo Essential Wire-Free Video Doorbell suggest that it comes with good storage and footage storing capacity of 30 days, 90 days, or more. This allows you to keep any evidence easily till you require it.

Monitors the Traffic

Video doorbell cameras are good for monitoring the traffic. Traffic may include general or suspicious cars and people like maids, delivery service, etc.

Tracking Deliveries

Wireless doorbell video cameras make home delivery easy. Reviews for XTU Doorbell Camera suggest these are the best wireless cameras to go for as they provide good picture quality and 2K resolution. You can track the package right from outside and take care of the package without physically being present at the door.

Helps in Screening Visitors

The reviews for Arlo Video Doorbell AVD1001 indicate that it gives you the option of screening the visitors before opening the door. This is because it has pre-recorded quick reply feature and motion event. These features, thus, help you to avoid any threat or suspicious characters lingering around your home. These are great for the kids and elderly, in case they are home alone.

Increases the Home Value

The modern house hunters are particular about contemporary homes and like to go for those homes that are equipped with the latest technology and gadgets for convenience. Having a video doorbell camera offers the house a good resale value.

Two-way audio 

An Audio mike is present in a video doorbell that enables two-way communication between you and the visitors. It allows you to decide whether the person standing outside is a potential threat or not.  The reviews of Eufy Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell determine that video doorbells with mike are easier to operate than those that come without.

Good Video Quality 

A Video Doorbell with an HD view like the KAMEP Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Camera with Chime can provide an easy screening of different people visiting your house. As burglars are most likely to break into your home at night, a good camera with the feature of night vision and audio quality is essential and will give you an advantage later.   

Easy installation 

 Video doorbells should make life convenient. It is, thus important to settle for something that does not require too many external support systems. Every video doorbell comes with a few instructions and following them diligently will ensure a hassle-free installation.

Doorbell Video Camera FAQs

Do Video Doorbells Record All The Time?

Doorbell cameras do not always record. For the most part, they only start recording when triggered. The camera typically records for a few seconds when it detects motion.

When motion is sensed on your phone, how long does it take for the notification to appear?

Ring Doorbell's versions exhibit a noticeable delay between motion detection and when a notification is received. At most, it takes a couple of seconds.

Bottom Line

Video doorbell cameras are widely available at online retailers such as Walmart and Amazon due to their versatility and robust design. We hope our article helped you understand all the benefits video doorbell cameras offer. Read our blog on how to install a ring video doorbell to learn more about the installation process.

The best choice is a wired doorbell camera if you don't mind the wires and do not have a stable internet connection. For those with a stable internet connection, wireless cameras are the best choice. Visit Bestviewsreviews.com for more buying options. You can easily pick a suitable model from our reviews and recommendations on some of the top cameras, video doorbells, and surveillance cameras. Our reviews are based on quality, picture quality, and value for money.

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