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Best LG Soundbars for 2021: Only the Best

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Best LG Soundbars

One of the biggest drawbacks with high-end 4K TVs is that they have below-par/average speaker quality. And, it destroys the home theater feel. But LG, with its range of soundbars, is in for making your life good, again.

To improve your TV’s disappointing audio, you can opt for a multi-speaker surround-sound setup, or you can aim for a soundbar. For some, the former is an expensive option, for others, a soundbar does the job just fine. However, this blog focuses on the best LG soundbars that we have shortlisted here. They are performance-driven, affordable and all about quality. We also have a blog that is dedicated to soundbars and everything about them.

List of the Best LG Soundbars

LG SK10Y 5.1.2 Channel Hi-Res Audio Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos

Perhaps the biggest selling point of this LG SK10Y 5.1.2 soundbar is that it is fit with tech from Meridian Audio. Moreover, Dolby Atmos offers the cinematic sound experience at home, like always.

High-resolution audio provides higher sampling rates and bit depth. This contributes to accurate and enjoyable music listening. The SK10Y is compatible with Chromecast. This allows it to work with music apps such as Google Play Music effortlessly. To top it off, it can work with Google Assistant, too and you can use it as a smart speaker.

LG LAS855M Curved Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

This LG Curved Sound Bar is curved and looks great if you own a curved TV. Looking at the specifications, it has a 4.1 Channel Audio, built-in Google Cast, and Home Cinema Mode to enjoy a true multi-channel home theater experience.

LG LAS450H Sound Bar

A soundbar that comes alive with added bass, the LAS450H from LG is a 2.1 Channel, 220W soundbar with a wireless subwoofer. Also, it is Bluetooth-enabled and HDMI connectivity-ready.

According to LG, it will take your movies, music, and entertainment experience to a whole new level. Additionally, you get a supplied wall mount/bracket to hang it anywhere you like and enjoy the soundbar.

LG SJ5Y 2.1 Channel 320 Watt High-Resolution Audio Sound Bar

As the name suggests, the SJ5Ysoundbar comes with high-resolution audio for an enjoyable listening experience. This unit is wireless, surround ready, and can connect with wireless surround speakers easily.

For maximum enjoyment, you get Adaptive Sound Control that automatically detects what is being played. This enhances the clarity and impact of the audio track. Moreover, this unit could very well be the pick of the lot for the reasons mentioned above.

LG Electronics SH2 2.1 Channel 100W Sound Bar (Renewed)

With a weight of 10.7 pounds and sleek looks, this LG SH2 2.1 Sound Bar can be the perfect addition to those road trips. Featuring Bluetooth streaming, easy pairing and adaptive sound control, this soundbar can offer an enriching music experience.


Who wouldn’t want an almost eardrum-shattering but quality sound experience? And what better way to achieve it than opting for an LG Soundbar. You get one in on the affordable side, as well as on the expensive side as well, but choose the one where you get the best possible experience and a tempting deal.

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