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Thermostats: A Smart Appliance for Smart Homes

Updated on Jan 4, 2022 by Jessica Parker

Modern thermostats can regulate the temperature of your home with their innovative technology. You can install them on the wall to control the temperature. Depending on your preferences, these devices adjust the heating or cooling level. Smart thermostats can help you set automatic and programmable temperatures. These temperatures are set based on the weather as well as daily schedules. With a traditional thermostat, you can manually adjust the temperature.

What are Thermostats Used For?

A thermostat maintains an ideal temperature by turning off the heat source. This occurs when temperatures exceed the set limit. The thermostats automatically restore heat once the temperature is below the set level.

How do Thermostats Work?

A mechanical thermostat works differently than a smart thermostat. Using and understanding electronic thermostats is simple. They use sensors to detect if your home is at the right temperature. A Wi-Fi feature and programmable settings are available as well. This allows you to keep a comfortable temperature any time of day or night.

There are two types of traditional electromechanical thermostats: those with a bimetal coil and those with a metal strip. The coil or strip will move as the temperature changes when the vial tips to one side. The mercury inside the vial flows to one side, causing either heating or cooling.

Types of Thermostats

There are four types of thermostats: programmable, non-programmable, smart, and Wi-Fi. They differ in their price, efficiency as well as comfort.

Programmable Thermostats

A programmable device gives users the option of setting and controlling the device too. Programmable thermostats offer weekly as well as daily temperature control. You can pre-program them too if you have to leave for the day or night. This will save you money on your monthly bills too. They are especially useful in places like Florida where the temperature fluctuates frequently. An example of a programmable device is ecobee3 Smart. Reviews show that this device works with Alexa and features an intuitive display and an easy-to-use app.

Non-Programmable Thermostats

Non-programmable thermostats allow you to adjust the temperature manually. The heating system adjusts to maintain the temperature you prefer. This type of thermostat cannot be pre-programmed, but it is energy efficient. There are new models of non-programmable thermostats that have artificial intelligence features. The Honeywell TH1100DV1000 is a non-programmable model that has got good reviews for its energy-saving features.

Wi-Fi Thermostats

Network systems allow users to control Wi-Fi thermostats remotely. You can use a computer, smartphone, or tablet to control the thermostat. It is possible to adjust the settings to suit your preferences. Thermostats with Wi-Fi are similar to those with programmed controls but offer better flexibility. The reviews of Emerson Sensi that it is a smart device with a Wifi connectivity feature. It also comes with voice control features when connected to Alexa. You can also read through our blog to find the top wireless thermostats.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats come with smart programming. They allow you to set automatic as well as programmable temperature settings based on your schedules and weather. Some models have features like voice control, compatible apps, and alerts for HVAC maintenance too.

The smartphones are compatible with Android and iOS. They also allow remote control through your smartphones. They help you to program and maintain a comfortable temperature for your pets as well. You can read through our blog to know if smart thermostats are better than traditional ones.

Buying the Right Thermostat

C-wire Requirement

There are smart thermostat models that need a power source that batteries cannot provide. Thermostats with a C-wire facility use the HVAC system for support. Several models may not specify using a C wire, however, it is very important to do so.

Easy Installation

Choose a thermostat that is easy to install and comes with a manual. You can install newer models with the help of apps. It is always a good idea to call a technician if the installation appears difficult.


GPS on your smartphone allows you to set up a perimeter around your location. You can adjust the thermostat's temperature setting whenever you step into or out of this area. A geofencing feature is an ideal option for travelers and business owners. Google Nest Thermostat is a model that features geofencing.

Remote Access

You can alter the thermostat settings, sitting miles away from your home, if your unit has a remote access feature. Having a good internet connection is important for the operation of such features.

Smart-Home System Integration

The best models come with an app that allows app control, and some of them integrate with other smart devices. For example, you can choose models that come with smoke detectors or Google Assistant voice control.

System Complexity

Choose a thermostat that supports ventilation, air conditioning, heat pumps, and multi-stage heating as well. You will need more than one thermostat if any rooms in your home require separate heating or cooling.

User Interface

Understanding the model is important before using it. The incorrect information may cause the product to malfunction. The product description provides all information about the product. Make sure the interface is simple and comes with a detailed user guide too. The Heagstat Smart Thermostat features easy to read and large backlit digital display.


The thermostat keeps your home at a comfortable temperature no matter the weather. An air-conditioned home needs a thermostat for maximum comfort in the summer. There are so many different models of thermostats on the market today that it can be difficult to choose. Make sure you choose pet-friendly thermostats if you want to keep your pets warm and cozy.

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