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Thermostats: A Smart Appliance for Smart Homes

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Emma Wilson

Thermostats are perfect appliances for those cozy winter nights or for those sweaty summers that we all hate. These innovative gadgets can monitor and regulate your home atmosphere keeping it optimum. These are temperature control system, usually installed on a wall. They closely resemble a thermometer. Its main function is to keep the heating or cooling level constant as per your requirement.

If you are looking for something that keeps the temperature of your room constant, then switching to the smart thermostat is a good idea. The traditional thermostats allows you to set the appliance manually suiting your requirement. Take a look at our most recommended and reviewed thermostats for 2021.

Types of Thermostats

Thermostats come in four different categories, the programmable, non-programmable, smart, and wi-fi thermostat. The types vary in terms of price, energy efficiency and the comfort they provide.

Programmable Thermostats

These variants allows you to program the device based on certain settings and controls. Programmable thermostats like "Honeywell YTH6320R1001" provide weekly and daily temperature control settings. If you are going away for the day or night, you can just pre-program it. This helps you save money on your bills. It will also allow minimal adjustment resulting in a long lasting thermostat. They come handy for people living in places where the temperature fluctuates almost every other day. Ask a Florida resident about the boiling days and chilly nights!

Non-Programmable Thermostats

If you find yourself spending most of your time home, pick a non-programmable thermostat. It offers simple and manual settings for temperature control and adjustments. It provides high energy efficiency and maintains your temperature preference by adjusting with the heating system. As the name suggests, you can’t pre-program this type of thermostat! One of the best thermostats in this category is "Honeywell Home RTH9585WF1004" which is not only manually programmable, and energy efficient but also Artificial intelligence integrated.

Wi-Fi Thermostats

Wi-fi thermostats like "Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat" connects to a wireless network system and allow you to have control through your computers, phones or tablets. Thus, you can adjust the settings remotely according to your preference. Wi-fi thermostats are similar to the programmed models but offers flexibility and control.

Smart Thermostats

As the name suggests, such thermostats come with smart programming. They are smart enough to integrate with all the automation tools and equipments. They also adapts to your living schedule. Such gadgets understand all your daily habits and stores the information. This helps them to deliver optimum levels of efficiency. Some models like "Google nest" come with additional features like voice control, compatible apps and alerts for HVAC maintenance.

Although the price is usually on the higher range, they well compensate for the features and convenience that they offer. They are completely compatible and are controlled through your smartphones. This allows you to program and maintain a comfortable temperature for your furry friends or pets.

Buying the Right Thermostat

C-wire Requirement

Some smart models require an additional power supply that a set of batteries alone cannot fulfill. The smart thermostats do not plug in the wall, unlike other traditional thermostats. Thermostats with a C-wire facility, uses HVAC system to function efficiently. Many of the models do not specify using a C wire, but it is always good to use one.

Ease of Installation

Always make sure to pick a thermostat that is not too difficult to install. They should come with a set of comprehensive instructions. Most of the thermostats like "Mysa Smart Thermostat" have a proper instruction manual for installation, and removal. However, go through the manual for clarity, before investing on one.

Geo Fencing

This feature establishes a specific perimeter around your place with the help of a GPS installed in your Smartphones. Thus, whenever you step in or out of this perimeter, the thermostat can adjust the temperature settings accordingly. If you are someone, who needs to be away a lot, invest in a smart thermostat with a Geo fencing feature.

Remote Access

If your thermostat comes with a remote access feature, you can alter the settings, sitting miles away from your place. However, a good internet connection is important for such features to function well.

Smart-Home System Integration

Almost all quality models come with app control, but the best ones can be integrated with other smart devices. Whether it’s the smoke detector or the voice control via Google home assistant, pick something that is compatible with all.

System Complexity

Look for a thermostat that supports ventilation, air-conditioning systems, heat pump systems and multi-stage heating. If different areas in your place are heated or cooled separately, you’ll need more than a single thermostat. But if you go for the one that supports all, one thermostat will be enough for your entire house.

User Interface

Gone are the days when thermostats used to have numbers on the dial, the new ones are sophisticated but at the same time quite complex to use. Ensure that a thermostat delivers all information at a glance. Looking at your thermostat,figuring out how it works is the last thing you would want to do during the chilly winters.


With all the appliances flooding the market today, there is no dearth of smart appliances to make our lives simple. Having a thermostat will ensure a comfortable and welcoming home, no matter the weather outside. Of course with all the variants finding the right one can be tough. However, with this blog you can make some wise buying choices if you are looking to buy a thermostat. Bestviewsreviews has listed and recommended some of the most popular thermostats based on their performance and durability.


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