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Bathroom sink

Best 10 Bathroom sink in 2020

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WOODBRIDGE 59" Acrylic...


WOODBRIDGE 59" Acrylic...

Sharp impact

Kohler K-EC2882-0 Verticyl...


WOODBRIDGE 59" Acrylic...

A guide to buying a DSLR Camera

When it comes to advanced, interchangeable lens models, there is nothing more iconic than a DSLR Camera. The name itself is synonymous with a professional camera. How there are plenty of variety when it comes to DSLRs, covering a wide range of users from amateur to advanced. Even though its popularity has waned over the past few years however it is still beloved by many. Here is everything you need to know when buying a DSLR Camera.

What should you look for when shopping for a DSLR Camera

Ease of Use

DSLR cameras have a combination of the highest image quality, speed, intuitive design and modular capabilities to suit nearly any type of photography.

Flash Photos

Many DSLR cameras have a built-in flash can serve as a commander for off-camera flashes to extend its capabilities well beyond that of a stereotypical on-camera flash. You can use a DSLR to change the depth of field and you can control the background blur on your photographs.

Image Quality

With the expansive and impressive lineup of currently available DSLRs, there is certain to be an ideal camera for all kinds of photographers. A DSLR has a bigger sensor than a point and shoot camera, resulting in faster speeds and better image quality. A 12 megapixel blurred image will look much worse on a print compared to a 6MP camera. In-camera image stabilization can be tailored specifically for a certain lens in order to maximize stabilization performance, and is subsequently more effective than body-based stabilization. If you want a higher image quality then you should go for a higher resolution, as it gives sharper and brighter images.

LCD Quality

DSLRs cameras come with a rear LCD monitor that gives you a live view of what you are shooting. Full HD recording and HDMI output is standard in most DSLR models.

Camera Owner Satisfaction

Not all photographers need to have the ability to record still photographs at an impressive 36MP. With the expansive and impressive lineup of currently available DSLRs, there is certain to be an ideal camera for all photographers, ranging between entry and professional levels.

Camera Sensor Types

There are two common sensor sizes, APS-C and full frame, each has its own inherent benefits in respect to imaging quality and the field of view with paired lenses.

The APS-C-sized sensors are the common sizes in most entry level, mid-range and even some professional-grade DSLRs. However, a full-frame sensor offers greater image quality and detail simply due to the larger physical size of the sensor

Camera Video Quality

Most DSLRs support full HD recording with the ability to control exposure and audio settings while recording. When combined with an imaging processor, the two technologies work together to enable video recording, continuous shooting, and the range of ISO sensitivities and image quality in difficult lighting conditions. The physical size of the image sensor and ability to utilize a much larger array of lenses have also grown substantially.

Camera Viewfinder

All DSLRs come with a rear monitor, for live view monitoring, image playback, and menu navigation and a viewfinder for eye-level finding when composing imagery. A point and shoot has an integrated general purpose lens, while you can get a wide range of lenses for a DSLR.

The choice of a DSLR directly affects the type of lenses being used, this is the first crucial step. Lenses often end up being the constant investment over time in regard to photography equipment, with camera bodies fluctuating more quickly. A pentamirror viewfinder, as opposed to a pentaprism and a smaller array of physical dials and buttons on the top and rear plates. A larger and faster body is most beneficial for a more compact design. Each camera has a number of autofocus points arranged across the sensor. A more even spread of points across the entire sensor gives you more scope for composition.

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