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Astro Pneumatic Tool 78620 Subaru Ball Joint Puller

Subaru Ball Joint Puller, A Deep 24 Mm Socket, A Single Pulling Motion, Unique Sliding Pin Non Rotating Design

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  • Features non-rotating design that removes the ball joints in a single pulling motion
  • Built-in unique sliding pin reduces the chance of ball joint breakage
  • Perfect for use with vehicle on jack stands using a deep 24mm socket and impact or hand wrench


  • The nut may strip out

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  • Users of this product said

    I looked up a tool called "subaru ball joint puller" and it took me more time to thread it on to the ball joint than it did for the tool and the impact gun to pull it.

    I spent a few days trying various tips and tricks off of YouTube before ordering this tool, and it worked - I used an impact wrench to get it out.

    A person named Nicole from Astro Pneumatic Tool called me after reading my post and asked if I wanted a replacement for the tool.

    This is the first time that I have been so happy with a purchase, I am going to review it.

    I used this tool to grease the threads and then use a 1/2 breaker bar to remove the ball joints.

    Question & Answers


    Is it possible to remove the ball joint without damaging it?


    It will remove it without damaging it, you should make sure the nut on the threads is tight and that you use lube on the threads of the ball joint.


    Will the sockets be able to lock onto a ball joint with damaged threads?


    It has to thread onto the ball joint.


    I'm not sure if the subaru balljoint and nissan hicas balljoint are the same thread.


    The easiest way to get a ball joint working is to go to your local parts store and grab both of them off of a shelf, and you would be able to 100% verify that it would work.


    Will it work on the 2010 subaru forester ball joint removal and installation?


    The tool can only be used to remove it.


    Will this work on the 2008 subaru tribeca?


    I'm 99% sure that it will work, there are a lot of different years/models that have the same diameter ball joints.

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