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BIC Soleil Shine, Disposable Razor, 2-Count

Rubber Grip, Two Razors, 5 Flexible Blades, Soothing Moisture Strip

Created with Raphaël
BVR Rating 94 reviews
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What users have to say about BIC Soleil Shine, Disposable Razor, 2-Count

I thought these would be great for taking on trips and I didn't have to worry about bringing them home.

I like that they don't have to worry about losing my razor, and that they're not scented like other razors. Also, they aren't like other razors by this brand have been which is a huge plus in my opinion."

My wife and I both like the handle of the BIC Soleil Shine shaver, it's nice and wide, and it's easy to hold.

I was pleasantly surprised with my first time shaving with the BIC Solail five blades razors. The handle rubber holder is secure even when wet.

My wife has used the cheaper Bic razors for a long time, and she said that this one is a little better than the cheaper ones since it has more blades and the moisturizing strips.

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