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Native 1080P WiFi Bluetooth Projector, VISOUD 9500L

120 screen Portable outdoor Movie projector,vivid 1080p video,vivid, bright 720p HD video,vivid, crisp, flicker free 720p videos,vivid, bright, crisp, long distance image,Home theater Video projector Compatible w/ HDMI
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About Native 1080P WiFi Bluetooth Projector, VISOUD 9500L
97% liked its clarity
I was surprised that the projector had a super clear image even when exposed to daylight. The configuration was easy and practical, the control was light and the response was fast. I have tried many projectors and this is the only one so far that has met my expectations. I recommend it 100%.
This projector is definitely native 1080p and looks better than my previous 480p and 720p projectors, even though they support 1080p.
The image is very bright and sharp even with low light on in the room. I had to look hard to see the pixels.
The images projected were clear and strong.

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