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Remington S8500 Shine Therapy Straightener

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About Remington S8500 Shine Therapy Straightener
95% found the lock feature helpful, but 5% faced problems
The lock feature clicks open easily and is not very good.
95% appreciated the temperature control
I love the feature of locking the heat setting suitable for my hair to avoid accidental pressing of buttons and potential damage.
I love that these straighteners have temperature control and an LED display. They heat up quickly and it's convenient to see and lock the temperature.
I found the straighteners easy to use once I found the temperature that suited me best. There are also 9 different settings.
I can adjust the temperature settings on the straightener to control the heat. The hottest setting can beautifully straighten even the coarsest of hair.
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94% praised the compact size
I took the hair straightener on a trip to Rome and it was ready to use in 5 minutes, proving its travel-friendly nature.
The straighteners come with a satin bag and a switch that folds them together for comfortable storage.
This straightener is perfect for traveling with its compact size and good sized plates.
96% appreciated the convenient design, but 4% didn't
The straighteners are easy to use with a rough grippy handle and a mains cable designed to prevent tangling or knotting.
The straightener has a sleek design and is nice to hold and use.
I was surprised and slightly disappointed when the straightener got very hot while holding it.
The Remington straightener is a little chunkier to hold compared to the Babyliss rose gold ones.
96% were impressed by the heating time, while 4% were dissatisfied
The straightener warms up quickly once turned on and temperature is chosen.
It takes about 90 seconds for the straighteners to heat up to 230 degrees.
The straightener heats up in only 2-3 minutes.
The straightener doesn't heat up in under 2 minutes, despite claiming to do so in 30-45 seconds.
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