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HP Pavilion 15 Laptop, 12th Generation Intel Core i7-1255U Processor

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About HP Pavilion 15 Laptop, 12th Generation Intel Core i7-1255U Processor
68% were satisfied with the build quality, however 32% found it less durable
I suggest not buying this laptop at the current price and recommend other laptops in the same price range with better features.
74% found the keyboard and touchpad comfortable, although, 26% were dissatisfaction
I thought I would purchase a mouse, but the touchpad is probably the easiest to use that I have encountered.
The characters on the keyboard are extremely faint and I have to look from directly on top of the keyboard to see them.
The touchpad frequently stops working, despite other aspects of the laptop being good.
82% of users highlighted the graphics capability
The laptop works well for editing videos and pictures with the GoPro Quik app and my Hero 11 black. The screen quality is also great.
I bought this laptop mainly for video editing and it is perfect for that. I also occasionally play games and the performance is good.
80% appreciated the portability
The laptop feels high quality and well made, and it is very lightweight.
70% found the battery long-lasting, however 30% were dissatisfied
I am dissatisfied with the battery life of the laptop. The battery drains quickly even when I am not doing anything serious on the laptop. I have to constantly charge it and it stays plugged in so much that I might as well have bought a desktop.
I faced issues with the battery life of my laptop. Initially, I got under 2 hours and now just over a year out the battery is dying while it is still plugged in. I have to buy a new battery for $120.
The battery life lasts only about 3 hours, much lower than advertised.
I was only able to use the laptop for 4-5 hours unplugged, not doing anything much that would drain the power quickly, before I needed to plug back in. Additionally, after a week without turning on, the battery was at 46%.
86% praised the processor speed, but 14% encountered issues
My laptop is very responsive and the internet connection is nearly instantaneous. The page loading time is also very fast.
I have been having issues with the speed of my laptop. Upon checking the system specs, I found that it was supposed to be a 4.7 GHz machine but it shows 1/70.

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