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ASUS Laptop L410 Ultra Thin Laptop

14 " FHD display, Intel Core i5 processor, 64 GB storage, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, NumberPad, Windows 10 Home, Intel HD Graphics processor, Up to 7 hours of battery life
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About ASUS Laptop L410 Ultra Thin Laptop
93% were satisfied with the build quality
I have owned this laptop for a year and it has taken a few tumbles, but there is barely a scratch on it. This shows its good build quality and durability.
The laptop is durable for the cost, but the keyboard has a terrible 'finger to key' response rate. I suggest upgrading to the backlit keyboard if possible.
I have used the laptop and it feels sturdy and durable in my hands, on my lap, and on a desk. The build quality and durability are impressive.
When I hold the laptop, I feel that its parts match each other precisely and it feels firm and sturdy.
88% found the keyboard and touchpad comfortable, although, 12% were dissatisfaction
I am impressed with the laptop's keyboard. It is full-sized and comfortable to use, with no cramping on tiny keys or accidental presses. The keyboard's give is decisive and gratifying.
The keyboard should not be advertised as backlit. Instead, there are white indicator lights on the Power, Fn, keys, and touchpad corner.
I find it difficult to use the keyboard with one hand. I prefer the travel and clickiness of the keys on my MBP.
88% found the connectivity options helpful, but 12% experienced issues
I am satisfied with the picture quality and internet connectivity of my laptop.
I had to get used to scrolling instead of using a mouse because the wireless mouse would not connect to my laptop.
I faced issues while connecting my phone and Bluetooth headphones via Bluetooth, C port, and standard USB. I was unable to transfer picture files from my phone.
93% highlighted the graphics capability, yet 7% found it lacking
My laptop has 2GB graphics that can easily handle 1080 videos depending on internet speed.
The screen and graphics are good, but a better processor/hard drive is needed.
The Intel UHD 600 graphics of the Celeron N4020 is not suitable for gaming, video editing, and graphic design. It can only handle light games.
This laptop is not suitable for high performance gaming or precise graphic design work.
92% appreciated the portability
The laptop is lightweight and can be used on the lap without strain. I would feel comfortable carrying it through an airport.
This laptop is easy to carry around, even between multiple locations with multiple floors, as it is very light and small.
88% found the battery long-lasting, however 12% were dissatisfied
The battery life is quite good. I can run this machine for 10+ hours on a single charge if all I am doing is writing or coding.
The battery life of this laptop is great, getting 15 plus hours on a full charge, which is a big improvement from my previous laptop that only got 2 hours.
I am dissatisfied with the battery life of my laptop. It should take a few hours to charge fully, but it is not the case. After charging for four hours, the battery charge only came to 68%. This shows that the battery life is not as good as expected.
89% praised the processor speed, but 11% encountered issues
The processor speed is listed as 1.2ghz dual core, but I have been running speeds ranging from 1.8-4ghz depending on what's running.
The speed is satisfactory for documents, web, and video. However, I have noticed that it floors to 100% often when opening applications or installing updates due to its dual-core CPU.
The processor speed of this laptop is not sufficient for multitasking, especially on Windows. I suggest a version with a quad-core Celeron N4120 would be better.

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