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Coolby 2022 Windows 11 Laptop, 15.6 inch 1920x1080 IPS Display

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About Coolby 2022 Windows 11 Laptop, 15.6 inch 1920x1080 IPS Display
90% were satisfied with the build quality
The laptop is clean without any bloatware out of the box, indicating good build quality and durability.
The laptop feels like a high-end Ultrabook from 2015, but with angular edges and no rounded features, indicating its sturdiness and unique design.
91% found the keyboard and touchpad comfortable, although, 9% were dissatisfaction
I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the trackpad, which I felt was larger than what is typically found on most notebooks.
When I type on the laptop, my palm presses the finger touchpad because the keyboard is off-center of the screen.
85% found the connectivity options helpful, but 15% experienced issues
The laptop has full-height Type A USB 3.0 Ports, HDMI out (with a Mini-HDMI port), and accepts Micro-SD cards without an adapter, despite having few I/O ports.
90% highlighted the graphics capability, yet 10% found it lacking
I can run Facebook smoothly, play back 1080p & 4K YouTube videos, and log into my archaic HR website for paystubs and sick days with enough processing power on my laptop.
I tested gaming on my laptop and found that it cannot handle high graphical processing power games. Although, it can natively decode 4K video frames, it is not suitable for running games like Crysis.
91% appreciated the portability
The laptop is worth its weight in productivity as a 'second-screen' or easy-travel machine. It is easy to carry around while traveling or commuting.
88% found the battery long-lasting, however 12% were dissatisfied
After 20 days of full charge, my laptop's battery was still at 85%, indicating good battery life even without use.
My laptop's battery wouldn't stay charged up, causing problems when trying to load software like MS Office.
93% praised the processor speed, but 7% encountered issues
My computer guy was amazed at how fast my laptop is, especially considering its price.
I can natively decode 4K video frames with my processor, but unfortunately, it can't run Crysis.

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