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PEDZEN 1080P Body Camera Video Recorder

Police Body cam Mini spy camera,Night Vision small Nanny cam,1080P video recorder,1x 720P video transmission,PIR Motion Detector
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About PEDZEN 1080P Body Camera Video Recorder
84% were satisfied with the remote access and control
I can view recordings and videos remotely or in real time by just connecting the camera to a Wi-Fi network and adding it to the application.
83% found the night vision helpful
I liked the night vision and confirmed the battery life is as advertised.
I love the night vision feature of the camera and will be using it outside of my house.
80% were impressed by the image quality
I was pleasantly surprised with the camera's quality and video, and also noticed the notifications in PIR mode.
I love the excellent video quality and night vision feature, especially for outdoor use.
When I select HD mode, the camera captures a perfect 1080p picture with great visibility.
When the camera is still, I can capture a very clear image.

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