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Pinty Red Green Reflex Rifle Scope Dot Sight 4 Different Reticles

A Wide Field, Radar Class Ii, Tubeless Design, Interchanging Reticle Patterns, Pinty Red Green Reflex Rifle Scope Dot Sight, 8 Different Sights, Eye Relief, Lightning Class Ii

Created with Raphaël
BVR Rating 970 reviews
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Reason to Buy

  • Features adjustable windage and elevation that makes it ideal for close to mid-range targets
  • Picatinny scope mount base fits 20mm rails and provides easy sight remounting
  • Made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy that offers an extended durability

Minor Drawbacks

  • May not hold zero on AR15

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What users have to say about Pinty Red Green Reflex Rifle Scope Dot Sight 4 Different Reticles

I used a magnifying glass to read the instructions, but it worked well and everything was clear.

I received this product at a discount and am happy with it, so I would recommend it to anyone looking for an inexpensive reflex sight.

I put it on my 880 pellet rifle with a picatinny rail and it looks, feels and appears sturdy, and it is bright as hell on max, it can also be dimmed for low light.

The red dot seems to be less bright but the other are great and I had no problem seeing the reticles, even though I only had the red dot to shoot at peak daylight.

It was very easy to get targets once seen, and I thought since the reviews were good and I would be out of pocket less than a tank of fuel, why not?



How well does this hold on to 223?


I have it on an 8.5" pistol build and it holds a group of 2.


Is it possible for this to handle the recoil of an 8mm rifle?


It is hard to bulls eye at over 50 yards because it is no magnification but can get on target very quickly.


Do you need to dismount to change the battery?


You don't need to go to the battery store, it's on the side. To change the battery, just remove the battery cover, insert the new battery, and put the cover back.


Will this work on 556 and 223?


It will work if your 556/223 has the standard 20mm rails.


Would it fit on my crossman legacy pump air rifle?


It is not certain if it has a picatinny rail or some other way of mounting the scope to your rifle.

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