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OXO Tot Tub Stopper Aqua

The Oxo Better Guarantee, Tot Tub Stopper Aqua, Suction Cup Secures, Oxo Tot Tub Stopper

Created with Raphaël
BVR Rating 445 reviews
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Reason to Buy

  • Features BPA, phthalate, and PVC free material that makes it safe to use
  • Made from flexible silicone that allows for easy removal
  • Comes with a suction cup that allows to secure the stopper to the tub floor

Minor Drawbacks

  • May not prevent leakage effectively

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  • Value for money
  • What users have to say about OXO Tot Tub Stopper Aqua

    I tried it out and it worked perfectly, I used it to shave my daughter's head and it made a nice seal, I now have a shallow bath for a quick shave to conserve water.

    I used to be able to shorten my bath time by as much as half because my previous stopper would leak and make me feel cold and fat as water drained.

    I'm happy with this drain plug, it looks nice, and works well, I needed to replace my old one, and I found this one, I've never had to do that before, and I'm glad I bought it.

    I love that it can be stuck to the wall of the shower and my toddler will know to put it down for a bath and then pick it up to drain after we are done.

    The stopper works well, I followed the instructions of the other reviewers and pressed the center of the stopper as the tub filled, enough for the water to reach across the mid-tub floor.



    I don't want to use this in a bath tub, but I'm concerned about the size. Could it be trimmed to fit?


    If you have sturdy shears, I don't see why not.


    Will it work on a bathtub?


    If your sink is large and flat for at least five inches around the drain, it would work.


    Is this material durable in extreme temperatures? Will it release toxic chemical in the water?


    The drain plug has held up well to many hot baths, I am not sure if the release of chemicals will cause any damage to it.


    Does this work on a tub with a raised drain?


    I don't know, mine is flat.


    Does it work over a TubShroom?


    The TubShroom will be the first thing you have to remove.

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