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Tiptop Home Portable Washing Machine 10L

Casing Material: ABS, Material of the bucket: PP+TPE, Power Supply: USB, Input Voltage: DC 5V, Output Voltage: DC 12V, Output Power: 24W, Capacity: 1 Kilogram, Color: T-bright Green, Standard Cycles: 1, Access Location: Top Load, Batteries Required: No, Weight: 1.9 pounds, Dimensions: 13.07 x 12.83 x 3.07 inches.
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About Tiptop Home Portable Washing Machine 10L
70% were impressed by the load capacity
I struggled with the compact-washer when I added more than 3 small microfiber towels. Based on my experience, the load capacity of compact-washers is a negative feature.
70% were happy with the user-friendly design
I bought this washer to clean my microfiber towels separately from my washer and it worked.
71% highlighted the low noise level
After 5-6 cycles, I noticed that the washer stopped spinning in both directions and started making loud noise.

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