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DYRABREST Portable Washing Machine

2KG Washer Capacity, 340MM*350MM, Portable and Lightweight, ABS Shell, No Electricity Required, Hand-Operated, Manual Non Electric Portable Washing Machine, Top Load
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Reasons to buy

  • Built-in rotating rocker arm helps easily dry the clothes by simply turning the handle
  • Equipped with suction cups feet that keeps the machine stable during operation
  • Features removable inner drum that can be used as a storage box, water bucket, etc


  • May not spin adequately at times

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About DYRABREST Portable Washing Machine

The DyraBrest Portable Washing Machine 2 in 1 Hand-operated Mini Compact Washer is the perfect solution for anyone looking for an easy, compact and affordable way to do laundry. This non-electric, hand-operated washing machine is ideal for small spaces such as apartments, dorms, and camping trips. It features a 2kg capacity and a 40-50% dehydration rate, making it easy to do your laundry in no time at all. It's also equipped with a top-load design and a 340MM x 350MM washer capacity, making it incredibly easy to use. Plus, this mini washer is lightweight and portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

A Compact and Portable Washing Machine

Based on the user reviews the Portable Washing Machine is a great choice for those who are looking for a compact and portable washing machine. It is perfect for apartments, small spaces, or even while travelling or camping. It also has a spin dryer function which makes it easier to wash delicate items such as infant clothes. Additionally, it is easy to use with its simple controls and it fills and drains easily.

 Be Careful with Flimsy Parts

Some users found that the hose plug was too flimsy and was constantly popping off which caused water spills and messes. They also noticed that the plastic of the bowl was quite thin. Therefore, users should be careful with these parts to ensure they last longer.

A Reliable Option for Small Laundry Loads

The BVR verdict is, the DYRABREST Portable Washing Machine is a reliable option for those looking for a convenient way to do small loads of laundry without noise or excessive water usage. Users should just be aware of its flimsy parts such as the hose plug and thin plastic bowl in order to make sure they will last longer.

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