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OIWAS Small Rolling Duffle Bag with Wheels 22 inch Carry On Luggage Tote Suitcase

22 Inch Rolling Duffle bag,this small soft luggage bag,high quality Water Resistant polyester,a small pocket,2 smooth wheels hidden handles,45 Liters capacity
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About OIWAS Small Rolling Duffle Bag with Wheels 22 inch Carry On Luggage Tote Suitcase
97% appreciated the lightweight design
Carry-ons are easy to manage.
The bag is light enough for me to carry even with all my stuff in it. I easily carried it up 17 stairs.
The carry-on is lightweight and fits a surprising amount of clothing/gear. It takes very little storage space when not in use and fits into overhead bins on 737 or A320.
The luggage is easy to carry around the airport as it is light in weight.
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85% were impressed with the shell quality, but 15% weren't
I find that the shell is not sturdy enough and it does not stand up well on its wheeled end.
I noticed that the shell is not sturdy.
88% highlighted the well-designed compartments, but 12% raised concerns
The carry-on has two pockets, one of which can hold a laptop up to 13 inches.
I have noticed that the carry-on has numerous compartments and can be stored nicely in a closet. It is also great as an overnight bag.
There is a design flaw in my carry-on bag. The outside compartment has an easy access pocket where I store valuable items like keys, wallet, or cell phone. If the zipper opens, then I can lose the items stored in the pocket.
96% found the carry-on easy to move, while 4% faced difficulties
I have learned how to move the bag around and carry it easily.
The bag has two short straps and a grab handle at the end opposite from the two inset wheels. The handle has one pop-up setting and releases then tucks back in quickly and easily. If you are under 5’5” tall, you’d likely not need to pull up the handle. The length is suitable even for tall persons.
It's not easy to roll around and doesn't like curbs, escalators, or anything that isn't a straight flat surface.
87% praised the carry-on's wheel quality, but 13% disagreed
The handle feels solid and the wheel looks sturdy.
The carry-on is difficult to roll on uneven surfaces like curbs and escalators.
I suggest adding something to the bag to make it more sturdy so that it can stand up on the wheels.
The wheels are of poor quality and if the bag gets off track with the floor, it wobbles and it can be annoying.
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