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Google Nest Cam Outdoor Weatherproof Outdoor Camera for Home Security

High Definition Surveillance Camera, Night Vision Control, Home Security Surveillance Camera

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BVR Rating 4,626 reviews


  • 1080p HD resolution with and 8x zoom offers clear quality visuals
  • Comes with night vision that helps see things clearly even in dark environment
  • The camera detects motion/sound activity and immediately sends alert to the phone/email


  • The subscription fee may be high


Analysis of 4k+ reviews for Google Nest Cam Outdoor Weatherproof Outdoor Camera for Home Security


BestViewsReviews analyzed 46,881 reviews for 41 products in the Bullet Surveillance Cameras category.


We analyzed a total of 4,626 reviews for this product out of which, 64 reviews were received in the last 6 months.


The analysis indicates that around 71% reviews were positive while around 24% of reviews had negative sentiment.

BestViewsReviews Ranking and Score for Google Nest Cam Outdoor Weatherproof Outdoor Camera for Home Security


This product received a total score of 8.66 out of 10, based on review sentiments and user opinions related to 10 features:

  • Battery life
  • Connectivity
  • Customer support
  • Value for money
  • Picture quality
  • Overall performance
  • Build quality
  • App support
  • Design
  • Easy to install
  • Users of this product said

    Video quality is superb, I have it on high quality, I have it on my phone all the time. Too many false positives and too much lag time make it hard to figure out what's a useless clip vs something interesting.

    The quality of these is fantastic and they are easy to setup, so I am going to purchase more of them.

    We have been running multiple cameras for about 8 months now, with a high speed internet connection that allows us to stream 6 full HD streams in one sitting, before we upgrade from comcrap internet.

    The camera has a built-in speaker and microphone, which can be used if you need to speak with anyone in sight of the camera.

    The person alert and activity zones are a huge convenience, as well as the excellent video quality, and both the web and mobile apps are very user-friendly.

    Question & Answers


    Does this look easy to defeat or steal?


    I've been with a company called Vivint as a sales manager for 7 years, we install, warranty and replace stolen cameras.For my own personal system, I pay a monthly service but at the same time, I don't have to service or maintain any broken or stolen equipment.


    Is there a cheaper way to save footage than my 3 cameras?


    The nest aware price is $6 dollars a month or $60 a year for 30 days of them holding data, this is not per camera, it is for whole home, no matter how many cameras you have.


    What is the length of the power cable that is used by the nest outdoor cam?


    Hi, I can confirm that the Nest Cam outdoor comes with 25-food long, outdoor and weatherproof power cable.


    How do you make the connection work with your router?


    It is possible to extend the power cords on these for those who know how to do it, I will mention this for those who need to do it.


    Is it possible to use an electrical outlet with a USB plug and bypass the power brick?


    You have to set the camera up on your computer, with usb powered from your computer.

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