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Beautzilla Intimate Area Dark Spot Corrector

Skin Type : All skin types


Targeted Area of Use : Knees, Elbows, Underarms, and Thighs
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About Beautzilla Intimate Area Dark Spot Corrector
97% attested the effectivenesss
I have found that the product works, but it requires consistent use and is not an overnight lightening cream.
After a week of usage, the cream worked well on my sun spots and uneven skin tone.
In just a matter of weeks, the cream lightened my skin on neck, elbows, and knees twice as before.
The dark spot has lightened so much that it is not visible anymore, indicating the cream's effectiveness on dark spots.
94% found the body cream easy to dispense
I appreciate the dispenser in the bottle that keeps the cream clean and dispenses the proper amount.
I can dispense the cream easily without making it messy.
91% praised the delightful fragrance
I like the product because it doesn't have a strong smell unlike other products.
96% expressed the satisfaction with consistency
The product has a creamy and thick consistency, but it is not heavy and sticky on my skin.

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