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Prime Day Video Game Deals by Amazon

Updated on Jun 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Prime Day Video Game

With Amazon Prime Day around the corner, the best time to grab exciting deals and offers is just on your way. Especially, if you are a gaming enthusiast and looking to buy high-quality and branded consoles, we have Amazon Prime Day Video game deals just for you. You will certainly not want to miss this amazing opportunity. So, what to wait for? Get ready to witness and grab some of the best go-to deals on gaming PlayStations, Nintendo games, Xbox, gaming accessories, and consoles.

Even with the increase in prices, the craze for video game consoles has never been less. However, in Prime Day Sales, price tags of many highly priced devices are likely to fall. So, even with constrained budget limits, you can bring the best gaming consoles, home. To make your task easier, we have listed some of the top-buy gaming units, below. Therefore, consider your options and pick the one that best meets your needs.

Best Prime Day Video Game Deals

Amazon's annual Prime Day is the largest day of sales in the history of Amazon. So, you should take advantage of this Prime Day and check out the best Video Games Deals. Thus, we have compiled a list of the best video games deals that will be available on the sale.

Prime Day Video Game Deals: Xbox One

Xbox Series S Console

The Xbox Series S Console has been a big hit with consumers, and there’s a good reason for that. It is the smallest, thinnest, and most powerful Xbox ever created. So, this makes it a perfect fit for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with all the excess material that comes with the original console. In addition, it has high graphics and allows you to play at 1440P with 120FPS.

Microsoft Xbox One X 

The Microsoft Xbox One X  has always been at the forefront of console game releases. Microsoft got serious about digital entertainment, and released this model with a slew of additional features. Thus, the Xbox One X shines in 4K HDR while displaying HDR imagery with high dynamic range lighting and stunning detail.

Xbox One S

The Xbox One S is a solid little piece console that performs well and looks great with a stylish design. Also, it comes with a 1TB hard drive, 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player, and the ability to stream 4K video. Moreover, this new console is an absolute beast and it is perfect for gamers, and people who enjoy watching their favorite shows on Netflix and YouTube.

Prime Day Video Game Deals: PS4

PlayStation 4 Console

Every now and again, Sony tries to shake things up with a new console. The highly awaited PlayStation 4 Console is a newly released model. It is smaller and features 1TB of storage, HDR gaming, and a Dual-shock 4 wireless controller. This model allows you to play your favorite games with friends, and experience high-quality gaming.

SONY PlayStation 4 Slim

Sony's newest iteration of the PlayStation 4 is the slimmest and lightest system in the market. It's a dream console for many players and the most powerful to date. The SONY PlayStation 4 Slim features a new design that no longer requires a bulky external hard drive and now fits underneath most television sets. It has 1 TB of hard drive storage.


Gaming consoles and devices are a craze in the market, and many alternative models are getting launched every year. However, with Amazon Prime Day Video Game sale, about to start, you are all set to make a worthy purchase for the best gaming devices.

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