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DREAMCARE Deep Pocket Sheets Microfiber Sheets Bed Sheets Set 4 Piece Bedding Sets

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About DREAMCARE Deep Pocket Sheets Microfiber Sheets Bed Sheets Set 4 Piece Bedding Sets
71% liked the softness, but 29% found it too plush
The sheets are very soft and smooth even after washing. I compared their softness to something else.
I am very pleased with the super soft bamboo sheet set.
Over time, the softness of my bedding sheets improves.
The bedsheet feels soft to the touch and sleeps at normal temperature. It is made of 100% microfiber polyester but feels like a cotton-blend sheet.
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76% found it easy to was, but 24% didn't
The sheets launder great with minimal wrinkling and no pilling after 10+ washes.
The sheets laundered well without any pilling, shrinking or fading.
After a good wash, I found the color to be perfect, although it was slightly darker than I first thought.
The sheets wash up well with no shrinkage.
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77% appreciated the size, although 23% didn't find accurate
The width of the sheet is perfect for my 15” mattress.
The size of the sheets could be larger and the sides of the fitted sheet don't cover our thick mattress.
I was disappointed to find that the pockets advertised as being 15 inches deep are actually too small to fit even a phone. I have used the bedding-sheets-pillowcases and have faced this problem personally.
The pockets are not as deep as advertised, but more like 5 inches deep.
71% found it durable, yet 29% noticed early signs of wear and tear
I have only washed them once before use and can't speak to durability yet. They are fine one week in and I am hoping they last a long time.
The sheets are thick, soft and durable.
I have been using the sheets for a few months now and they are holding up great in the washer/dryer.
I keep a flashlight, tv remote and gaming controller in the side pockets of the bedsheet and they hold up perfectly fine.
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82% were satisfied with the thread count
The sheets feel like a cotton-blend sheet, even though they are 100% microfiber polyester.
The sheets are of high quality and very comfortable to sleep in.

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