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Bedsure 100% Bamboo Sheets Queen Light Grey

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About Bedsure 100% Bamboo Sheets Queen Light Grey
70% liked the softness
The bedding sheets are really comfortable and soft.
The sheets feel like buttery, silky softness out of the package.
The sheets are soft, comfortable, and have no complaints after washing them 5 times.
The sheets have amazing softness and cooling. They feel like no other sheet I have ever owned.
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75% found it easy to was, but 25% didn't
I washed the bedding-sheets-pillowcases using the delicate cycle with cold water and then dried them on a delicate cycle for 28 minutes. After washing, I inspected the fitted sheet, top sheet, and pillowcases and found no spots on them.
When I wash the sheets/cases, they feel coarse and weird, but become very soft and light when dry.
The bedding is super easy to wash and has not lost any softness after being tossed in the dryer several times.
When I wash the sheets/cases, they feel coarse and weird, but become very soft and light when dry.
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76% appreciated the size, although 24% didn't find accurate
I suggest getting one size bigger for the top sheet as it is not of the actual size advertised.
The fitted sheet keeps pulling off the mattress due to tossing and turning. These sheets claim to fit a 16" depth and seem to retain a lot of heat.
The fitted sheet of the second pair is too small and I have to constantly fix it as it only goes about 3/4 of the way down the mattress.
I think it's stupid that the sheet specs are based on the package size, not the sheet size.
70% found it durable, yet 30% noticed early signs of wear and tear
I have had trouble with fitted sheets tearing if I roll over too often. I believe these sheets are more durable than others I have used in the past.
I understand that the sheets are more durable.
I have been using the bamboo sheets for a couple of weeks and have had no issues with the fitted sheet staying on. I hope it doesn't tear at the seams or elastic.
The material has wrinkled up a little in the center of my bed, but it doesn't affect my comfort or sleep.
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81% were satisfied with the thread count
The sheets are just as nice as any 750 or 800 thread count I have bought and offer no thread count.
Next time, I will opt for an extremely high thread count for a quality sateen smooth sheet.
I compared these sheets with high thread count sheets I had in the past, which were expensive. These sheets are comparable to those expensive ones but reasonably priced.

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