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Amazon Basics Cotton Jersey Bed Sheet Set - Queen

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About Amazon Basics Cotton Jersey Bed Sheet Set - Queen
70% liked the softness, but 30% found it too plush
I loved the soft and comfortable sheets without any slipperiness or weirdness.
The bedding sheets and pillowcases are very soft and get even softer with every wash.
The bedding sheets are very soft.
I love sleeping in the soft sheets.
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75% found it washable
Weekly washings with cold or slightly warm water do not affect the softness or color of the fabric.
Light gray washes up better compared to other brands like IKEA, American Baby Company, and Burts Bees Baby Sheets.
This bedspread is easy to wash and fits easily inside a large capacity washer. It also looks good after washing and doesn't clump like some other bedspreads.
After the second wash, the sheets became significantly softer.
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82% were satisfied with the thread count, however 18% expected more
The sheets are soft and tight without the stiff feel of usual high thread count sheets.
The sheets are very soft and have retained their softness and color well in recent months.
High thread counts are misleading gimmicks.
77% appreciated the size, although 23% didn't find accurate
The bedding-sheets-pillowcases size does not meet the Indian standard. It seems they got some extra stock for a different country and now they are dumping it here in India.
The sheets are marked as queen size but they are huge and there is at least half a bed's material left.
The fitted sheet for my queen bed was too big, despite the label saying it was for a queen. The dimensions were also mentioned.
71% found it durable, yet 29% noticed early signs of wear and tear
My bedding-sheet-pillowcase is more durable than Purples bamboo that snagged/tore after a couple of weeks.
I have been using the bedding sheets for over a year and there are no signs of wear.
I own other jersey sheets, but this one is thicker and more durable.
The bedsheets are durable and do not lose color or shrink even after washing them multiple times.
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