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BVR Rating 305 reviews
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Reasons to buy
  • Comes with an even-fit that is suited for PVC ABS cement and sewer drain pipes
  • Features a versatile design that fits 6 and 7 inch round valve boxes
  • Comes in one size that makes it suitable for all devices
  • The grip may not be sturdy
BVR Rating 241 reviews
$9 OFF
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Reasons to buy
  • Handheld tool makes working on pop-up sprinklers easy
  • Eliminates frustrating, time-consuming accidental stem retraction
  • Comes with a quick pull design that makes it easy to use
  • May not fit on all sprinklers
BVR Rating 109 reviews
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Reasons to buy
  • PVC nipple connects underground irrigation pipes to lawn sprinkler heads easily
  • Made of molded PVC that ensures extended duurability
  • Equipped with a 2-inch riser that makes it easy to increase the height
  • May not be easy to install
BVR Rating 214 reviews
$16 OFF
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Reasons to buy
  • Equipped with a 25-gallon water flow rate that can be used in different garden
  • Features spray diameter from 0 to 10 feet that provide flexible adjustable water flow
  • Drip emitters are detachable that makes it easy to clean
  • Size may not be accurate
BVR Rating 118 reviews
$1 OFF
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Reasons to buy
  • Fits easily into accidentally punched holes or openings
  • Works anywhere along the length of ½ in., 5/8 in., and 0.710 in. supply tubing
  • Features a holder with teeth that help insert goof plug into the hole easily
  • Size may not be adequate
BVR Rating 93 reviews
Reasons to buy
  • The bag keeps the dirt and water wet that helps to grow the tree
  • Built-in slow release design makes it ideal for small potted plants
  • 2.76 opening fills the garden watering bags with container or hose with ease
  • Capacity may not be suitable for some plants
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BVR Rating 17 reviews
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BVR Rating 105 reviews
$7 OFF
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Reasons to buy
  • Equipped with 1/4 inch distribution or soaker tubing that makes it easy to use
  • Features double barb design that holds power
  • Comes with 25 per bag that meets different requirements
  • The irrigation accessories may not be sturdy

Buying Guide for automatic-irrigation-accessories

Automatic irrigation accessories are devices that help you keep your lawn green and healthy by supplying your sprinklers with the right amount of water. If you've ever seen a sprinkler lying in a puddle, you know how important irrigation is to lawns, but it's also a necessary task, especially in the rainy season. Automatic irrigation accessories are designed to complement irrigation systems, provide support to make installation easier, and make use of the extra yield you get from the irrigation system. Here is a buying guide for you that will help you to select the best accessory that suit your requirement.



Aside from visiting with the irrigation contractor, paying the bill, and flipping a switch, there is no physical labor involved with an automatic system. When your lawn is watered, you don't even have to be home.


Automatic irrigation accessories deliver water to your lawn precisely when and where it is needed, lowering utility bills and offsetting the initial cost of installation. Automatic sprinklers, in fact, pay for themselves in a matter of years and can even increase the value of your home.

Environment sustainability

Installing an automatic irrigation system on your golf course or lawn can help you save a lot of water. These attachments ensure that the automatic sprinklers only use enough water to minimize overwatering and waste of water resources, in addition to ensuring that your flora remains lush and well-maintained.


The ability to save water is perhaps the most interesting feature of an automatic watering system. Dry areas and well-watered sidewalks and driveways are no longer an option. Automatic systems give perfect coverage, so you don't have to worry about overwatering or overwatering your grass.

Factors to be considered before buying Automatic Irrigation Accessories

Ease of installation

Install an automatic irrigation watering system to take care of watering the plants and crops while you're away on vacation, or to save time on a daily basis. It's quick and easy to set up, and it'll take the stress out of caring for your plants.

Go with pop-up sprinklers

Pop-up sprinklers are simple to set up and remove the burden of maintaining a beautiful, healthy lawn all year. Pop-up sprinklers are subsurface sprinklers that rise from the earth when activated and retract when not in use.

Go with kits

Kits have the advantage of carrying all of the necessary components, as well as a complete set of instruction. If you buy a kit, you may expand the system by adding individual components, and once you've set up the basic kit, you'll be more familiar with the components and how they work together to form a system.

Look for watering timer

A timer is likely to be the answer if you want to set the system to water the garden while you are away from home or if you want to avoid having to remember to water the garden. It is advised to check the timer's operation carefully.


Having an automatic irrigation system can truly be a life saver, especially if you have a garden. Irrigation systems are great because they automatically water the plants without any effort on your part. However, it is important to have a system that is easy to install, works efficiently, and is easy to maintain. To know more about automatic irrigation accessories, read out featured section that is mentioned above. It has some great recommendation that are based on demand, affordability, efficient, and reviews. Don't forget to take a look.

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