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Reasons Why Printer Ink is So Expensive

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Printer Ink

Printer ink or cartridges, in the long run, make even a cheap printer into a large expense. Every printer needs ink to be of any value, it is through this ink that inkjet printers eject ink through nozzles to form a text or image. There are many kinds of printer ink available today. While some of them are exclusive to their parent brands, some others are sold independently. These independent cartridges are usually compatible with most of the printers and are relatively inexpensive than the original branded ones.  

The intent of this blog is to answer the universal question of, why printer ink is so expensive, along with some of the best alternatives that you can opt for in case, you are looking for some affordable solutions to cope with the ink expense. You should be careful when buying printer ink.

Why is Printer Ink Expensive? 

Printer ink is expensive owing to its high manufacturing cost that involves using premium quality ink and long-lasting cartridges. While making such branded cartridges, a lot of money is spent on balancing compatibility and R&D. 

Thus, to cover all these expenses, branded ink usually costs relatively higher than non-OEM ink brands.  

Alternate Solutions for Affordable Printer Ink 

Non-OEM Ink 

Non-OEM ink is an alternate ink choice available and relatively popular than original cartridges. This is because they are highly compatible and can pair with any printer, branded or otherwise. The reason why they can be an affordable solution is that they don't cost much. These cartridges are not made by the original printer manufacturers and most of the cartridges are either filled or manufactured.  

Printer Research 

This mainly focuses on knowing the product before the purchase. For this, two parameters should be taken into consideration. One is to know the suitable printer to go for and the estimated cost of running your printer continuously. If you are planning on buying it online, then make sure to read through the product description thoroughly.  

Why are Printer Ink Cartridges Usually So Expensive? 

Inefficient Cartridges 

Many times, your printer uses inefficient cartridges that although prints precisely, use a lot of ink to create a text. This is usually found in printers that are very affordable but cost a lot when it comes to ink cartridges. Thus, a good solution to this is to understand your budget and go for a newer model within that budget. This will allow you to save a lot on overspent cartridges.  

Printing Needs 

There seems to be a gap between knowing our printing needs and the caliber of the equipment. If you have a huge amount of printing needs, then inefficient cartridges might consume more ink than necessary. Thus, a good solution to this is switching to laser printers. 

Laser printers can print in bulk and at an economic cost as compared to the inkjet ones. Thus, knowing your printing needs is important before you invest in a printer.  

Inefficient Page Yield 

Page yield is the number of pages that can be printed with one cartridge. If your printing needs are high and you are going for a normal size cartridge, then the ink will run out sooner. Thus, it is advisable to go for XL cartridges. So, make sure you read the blog that helps you prevent printer ink from drying out. Such cartridges like Non-OEM HP 920 920XL Refillable Ink Cartridges offer huge discounts and the ink doesn’t run out soon offering a great escape.  Also, it is advisable that you read through the blog that tells you about the right way to put ink in a printer for better information clarity.

Switch to Non-Branded Ones 

If you feel that your ink costs are higher than your printer costs, then it is time to switch to the non-branded version. Non-branded ones offer an economic alternative and are quite compatible with all kinds of printers. Thus, switching to them for long-term printing tasks is a good idea for saving a significant amount.  

The Key Takeaway 

Printers are long-term investments and are frequently used as well. For that, it is necessary to buy products that are good in their quality and offer a good output. The pointers that we have mentioned above will help you to understand and compare between branded ink cartridges and non-OEM ink.

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